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Get updated with the latest progress in LncRNA profiling technology
- Arraystar LncRNA Arrays newly released in 2019

To learn the latest publications about the limitations of RNA-seq for LncRNA profiling, and what’s new our recently updated LncRNA microarrays can offer.

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Quantify the percentage of modification at transcript level
- Arraystar Epetranscriptomic Arrays

Current transcriptome-wide RNA modification profiling methods deal mostly with mapping the modification sites but are unable to achieve modification stoichiometry. The lack of such quantitative information has been a major concern for scientists. This slideshow presents how Arraystar Epitranscriptomic two-color channel microarrays quantify the percentage of RNA that is modified for each transcript isoform.

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Arraystar LncRNA Microarray profiling - The wise choice!

Long noncoding RNAs (lncRNA) can regulate protein coding gene expression by multiple mechanisms, from transcription control to mRNA translation regulation. Unlike mRNAs, lncRNAs functionally operate at low abundance  levels. This video explains why Arraystar lncRNA microarrays are the superior choice for lncRNA profiling.

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The only practical choice for circular RNA profiling

Circular RNAs (circRNA) are resistant to exonuclease degradation and some can be present at abundant yet cell type specific levels. Many circRNAs harbor multiple microRNA binding sites to function as microRNA sponges in gene regulation. Their unique properties poses special profiling challenges. We will discuss the best practical circRNA profiling solutions and share the success stories.

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Super-enhancer lncRNAs - The master regulators

Super-enhancers are top ranking master gene regulators that program the cell lineages, types, identities, and diseases. Super-enhancer lncRNAs (SE-lncRNA) transcribed from the super-enhancers activate the target coding genes by multiple mechanisms. Arraystar SE-lncRNA microarrays simultaneously profile SE-lncRNAs and their target genes,  with high sensitivity, unambiguous isoform detection, comprehensive annotations and transcript-specific level accuracy.

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Publications >>

Circular RNAs as biomarkers in liquid biopsy in colorectal cancer. Valladares-Ayerbes M, et al.  Journal of Clinical Oncology, 2020​Full text>>

Defining the adult neural stem cell niche proteome identifies key regulators of adult neurogenesis. Kjell J, et al. Cell Stem Cell, 2020
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LncRNA Array Service
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Arraystar Epitranscriptomic Microarrays
- Quantifying the percentage of modifications



Arraystar LncRNA Arrays
- New Versions Released in 2019




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Quantify the percentage of modification at transcript level
- Arraystar Epitranscriptomic Arrays


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Arraystar LncRNA Microarray profiling
The wise choice!

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The only practical choice for circular RNA profiling

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