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Eager to learn more about the exciting field of non-coding RNA (ncRNA)? Arraystar is the industry leader in ncRNA profiling and analysis. Take a look at our informative webinars to discover ncRNAs, and how profiling these intriguing class of regulatory nucleic acids can drive your research forward.


lncRNA_array_vs_seqLncRNA expression profiling

- Microarray better than RNA sequencing


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circRNA-array-vs-seqCircular RNA expression profiling

- Microarray, the only practical choice

Circular RNAs (circRNA) are a novel class of covalently circularized non-coding RNAs with regulatory potency.  These molecules are resistant to exonuclease degradation and can be present at abundant yet cell type specific levels. Many circRNAs harbor multiple microRNA binding sites, some of which have been demonstrated to function as microRNA sponges in gene regulation.

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LncRNA expression profiling
- Microarray better than RNA sequencing






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