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How to Study LncRNA Expression and Modifications?


LncRNAs make up a long non-coding portion of the transcriptome, often expressed at low levels. Yet, with their important roles in gene regulation, cell proliferation/differentiation, organism development, biological pathways, and disease pathogenesis, lncRNA expression profiling has become an essential component of gene expression profiling studies in biology and clinical sciences.

Moreover, lncRNAs are epitranscriptomically modified by m6A, regulating lncRNA stability and circRNA functions, and adding another regulatory layer worth our attentions.

This webinar covers:
  • Why and how to profile lncRNA expression
  • Why use microarray over seq for lncRNA profiling
  • Why lncRNA m6A modification is important
  • What is the best way to profile lncRNA modification
  • The latest success stories in lncRNA research
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