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Customer Publications of Arraystar mRNA&LncRNA Epitranscriptomics Array Services

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Title Author Journal Year
METTL3/IGF2BP3 axis inhibits tumor immune surveillance by upregulating N6-methyladenosine modification of PD-L1 mRNA in breast cancer Wan W, et al. Molecular Cancer  2022
WTAP-mediated m6A modification of lncRNA DIAPH1-AS1 enhances its stability to facilitate nasopharyngeal carcinoma growth and metastasis Li Z X, et al. Cell Death & Differentiation 2022
PGE2‐EP3 axis promotes brown adipose tissue formation through stabilization of WTAP RNA methyltransferase Tao X, et al. The EMBO Journal 2022
METTL3 promotes colorectal carcinoma progression by regulating the m6A–CRB3–Hippo axis Pan J, et al. Journal of Experimental & Clinical Cancer Research 2022
METTL3 modulates m6A modification of CDC25B and promotes head and neck squamous cell carcinoma malignant progression Guo Y,  et al. Experimental hematology & oncology 2022
Advanced glycation end products alter the m6A-modified RNA profiles in human dermal fibroblasts Ouyang M,  et al. Epigenomics 2022
N6-Methyladenosine RNA Modification Landscape in the Occurrence and Recurrence of Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma Wang Y M,et al World Journal of Oncology 2022
RNA m6A Modification Changes in Postmortem Nucleus Accumbens of Subjects with Alcohol Use Disorder: A Pilot Study Liu Y, et al. Genes 2022
N6-methyladenosine modifications of mRNAs and long noncoding RNAs in oxygen-induced retinopathy in mice Peng Y, et al. Experimental Eye Research 2022
Comprehensive analysis of transcriptome-wide m6A methylome in intermediate-stage Esophageal squamous cell carcinoma Jia X,et al Pathology-Research and Practice 2022
ALKBH5 regulates cardiomyocyte proliferation and heart regeneration by demethylating the mRNA of YTHDF1 Han Z, et al.  Theranostics 2021
RBM15 facilitates laryngeal squamous cell carcinoma progression by regulating TMBIM6 stability through IGF2BP3 dependent Wang X, et al.  Journal of Experimental & Clinical Cancer Research 2021
ALKBH5 suppresses tumor progression via an m 6 A-dependent epigenetic silencing of pre-miR-181b-1/YAP signaling axis in osteosarcoma Yuan Y, et al.  Cell Death & Disease 2021
RBM15-mediated N6-methyladenosine modification affects COVID-19 severity by regulating the expression of multitarget genes Meng Y, et al.  Cell Death & Disease 2021
ALKBH5-mediated m6A mRNA Methylation Governs Human Embryonic Stem Cell Cardiac Commitment Han Z, et al.  Molecular Therapy-Nucleic Acids 2021
The potential roles of m6 A modification in regulating the inflammatory response in microglia Li Q, et al.  Journal of Neuroinflammation 2021
Microarray analysis of genes with differential expression of m6A methylation in lung cancer Wu S, et al.  Bioscience Reports 2021
N6-methyladenosine (m6A) methyltransferase WTAP accelerates the Warburg effect of gastric cancer through regulating HK2 stability Yu H, et al.  Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy 2020
Bioinformatics analysis integrating metabolomics of m6A RNA microarray in intervertebral disc degeneration Wang X, et al.  Epigenomics 2020
Fusarium infection alters the m6A-modified transcript landscape in the cornea Jianzhang Hu, et al.  Experimental Eye Research 2020
Epitranscriptome of the ventral tegmental area in a deep brain-stimulated chronic unpredictable mild stress mouse model Song N, et al.  Translational Neuroscience 2020
Transient Focal Ischemia Significantly Alters the m6A Epitranscriptomic Tagging of RNAs in the Brain Chokkalla A K, et al.  Stroke 2019
m6A methylation of precursor-miR-320/RUNX2 controls osteogenic potential of bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells Yan G, et al.  Molecular Therapy-Nucleic Acids 2019


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