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The latest highlights on circRNA in cancer


circRNAs have been catching more and more attention lately with many new discoveries in their biological and clinical functions. In particular, circRNAs play important roles in many types of cancers. Their unique circular structure has special properties in cancer biofluid biomarker uses. circRNAs can be epitranscriptomically modified, which has been discovered as a new critical player in gene regulation.

This webinar will cover:
  • Beyond miRNA sponge: circRNA functions and m6A modification, e.g. immunity, protein binding.
  • Updates of circRNA in diseases and biomarker applications
  • Overcoming the challenges: why use microarray over seq for circRNA expressional profiling and epitranscriptomic profiling
  • Approaches and roadmaps to study circRNA expression and modification
  • Case studies and highlights of recent cancer circRNA profiling and studies
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