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15% OFF Epitranscriptomic Profiling
Valid 02/01/2024 - 05/31/2024

Require 5ug Total RNA Only!
Cover mRNA & LncRNA, or circRNA Modifications
m6A/m5C/m1A/ac4C/m7G/Ψ for Choice

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30% OFF PCR Arrays & Master Mix
Valid Through 1/31/2024

ncRNA PCR Arrays

mRNA PCR Arrays
Epitranscriptomics/Central Metabolism/tRNA Modification/Small RNA Biogenesis

qPCR Master Mix

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Over 20% OFF LncRNA Profiling
Valid Through 12/31/2023

LncRNA Array
Functional LncRNA PCR Array
RNA Sequencing(12G w/rRNA Removal)
Super-enhancer LncRNA Array 
LncPath ™ Pathway LncRNA Array
T-UCR Array

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NGS Promo.

At Least 30% OFF miRNA Seq & RNA Seq
Valid Through 09/30/2023

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15% OFF CircRNA Profiling
Valid 06/01/2023 - 08/31/2023

Accurate CircRNA Profiling with Rich Analysis
Cited by +600 Publications

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Publications >>

Epitranscriptomic Array
Xiong Y W, et al. (2024) Nature Communications

[PMID: 38355624] 

tRNA Sequencing
Wu X, et al. (2024) Nature Cancer 

[PMID: 38519786]

Circular RNA Array
Zhong GL, et al. (2023) Molecular Cancer 

[PMID: 37004067] 


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15% OFF Epitranscriptomic Profiling

Require 5ug Total RNA Only
Cover mRNA & LncRNA, or circRNA Modifications
m6A/m5C/m1A/ac4C/m7G/Ψ for Choice

Valid 02/01/2024 - 05/31/2024
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Non-coding RNA and Epitranscriptomic Solutions
• Circular RNA Microarrays
• LncRNA Microarrays

• Small RNA Microarrays
• Epitranscriptomic Microarrays
• m6A Single Nucleotide MicroarraysCover2023

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Extrachromosomal Circular DNAs NEW!
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