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Epitranscriptomic Array
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tRF&tiRNA Sequencing

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mRNA&LncRNA Epitranscriptomic Array
METTL3/IGF2BP3 axis inhibits tumor immune surveillance by upregulating N6-methyladenosine modification of PD-L1 mRNA in breast cancer. Wan W, et al. Molecular Cancer, 2022​

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circRNA Epitranscriptomic Array
METTL14-mediated m6A modification of circORC5 suppresses gastric cancer progression by regulating miR-30c-2-3p/AKT1S1 axis. Fan H N, et al. Molecular Cancer, 2022​

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15% OFF LncRNA Profiling 
Valid 07/01/2022 - 10/31/2022

Best for lncRNAs often at low abundance
Cited by +800 publications 

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Arraystar Small RNA Array
miRNA, pre-miRNA, tRNA, tsRNA, snoRNA

The new way of sensitive, accurate, simultaneous profiling of major small RNA classes




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