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tRF&tiRNA Sequencing

Get FREE tRF&tiRNA Target Prediction Analysis to Explore miRNA-like Functions
Valid through 10/31/2021

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20% OFF LncRNA Profiling
Valid through 9/30/2021

LncRNA Arrays>>
SE-LncRNA Arrays>>
T-UCR Arrays>>
LncRNA Pathway Arrays>>
Functional LncRNA PCR Arrays>>

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Small RNA Sequencing
- Optimized for different small RNA characteristics

$299/Sample for microRNA Seq
$449/Sample for tRF&tiRNA Seq
$449/Sample for tRNA Seq

Offer valid though 6/30/2021

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6G RNA Sequencing 

20% OFF RNA Seq + Library Prep
$89/Sample for Value Added Data

EXTENDED till 3/31/2021

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PCR Arrays & Selected Reagents 
 For LncRNA, snoRNA, tRNA, tRF&tiRNA and more!

Promo: 10% OFF
Offer valid through 2/28/2021

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CircRNA Array & CircRNA Epitranscriptomic Array Services 
 From Expression to Modifications

Promo: 15% OFF
Offer valid through 1/31/2021

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rRNA Removal Kit
 Up to 99% Depletion Efficiency!

Promo: $399/Kit
Offer valid through 1/31/2021

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Publications >>

The circACTN4 interacts with FUBP1 to promote tumorigenesis and progression of breast cancer by regulating the expression of proto-oncogene MYC. 
Wang X, et al. Molecular Cancer, 2021​

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Circular RNA circHIPK3 promotes homeostasis of the intestinal epithelium by reducing miR-29b function.
Xiao L, et al. Gastroenterology, 2021

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tRF&tiRNA Sequencing

FREE tRF&tiRNA Target Prediction Analysis
Valid through 10/31/2021

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Arraystar Single Nucleotide Microarrays
- Locate and quantify the exact m6A site




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How to Profile Small RNA Modifications?


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How to Study Circular RNA Expression and Modifications?


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How to Study LncRNA Expression and Modifications?


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