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Arraystar lncRNA qPCR Service performs qPCR quantification of lncRNAs, commonly used as an independent measure to validate selected lncRNAs from lncRNA microarray profiling data. The lncRNA qPCR service actually covers both lncRNA and mRNA biotypes. The well experienced lncRNA qPCR workflow includes primer design, first strand cDNA synthesis, qPCR reaction and data analysis, with special considerations given to many unique properties of lncRNAs.

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LncRNA qPCR Service

The lncRNA qPCR service covers lncRNA and mRNA. In addition to the general qPCR design guidelines, special design considerations are given to lncRNA. The qPCR primers are situated as closely as possible to the array probe location chosen to target the unique exon or splice junction site of the transcript (Fig. 1). If the LncRNA is a natural antisense LncRNA, a strand specific reverse transcription primer, instead of oligo(dT) primer, is used for the first strand cDNA synthesis. Preferably, the RNA prep is the same as used for the microarray profiling experiment.

When selecting differentially expressed lncRNAs for qPCR confirmation, the magnitude of fold change, p-value (adjusted), and raw signal intensity are evaluated. Genes showing a significant FC and p-value but having a very low raw intensity may still not be confirmed by qPCR. Empirically, at least one of the group raw intensities is greater than 200~500.

lncrna qpcr assay design
Figure 1. Many LncRNAs have multiple isoforms, with different expression patterns and functions, or overlap with neighboring protein-coding genes. To solve this problem, Arraystar designs transcript-specific probes in the LncRNA expression array. To correctly validate array data, PCR primers should also be designed for detecting specific transcripts as shown in Design B, which distinguishes LncRNA-X from another isoform of LncRNA-X.

RNA sample source Total RNA, the same prep as used in the microarray profiling for best concordance.
Total RNA amount 1.5 ug
Sample RNA quality OD260/280 ratio ~ 2 OD260/230 ratio ~ 2
Reference gene GAPDH, unless otherwise requested
cDNA conversion Reverse transcription with random primers and oligo (dT)
Reporter SYBR Green
Assay format 384-well plate