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Arraystar offers the complete service based on Agilent whole genome microarrays, from sample to publishable data!


• Our expertise in the microarray experiments and high array technical quality are the key to the success of gene expression profiling.

• Our service is based on the most powerful platform in this field, Agilent, offering variety of choices in array content, density and analysis tools.

The gene expression arrays that are most often selected by our customers include:

Microarray Species Format Probe length Coverage
Whole Human Genome Human 4 * 44K 60-mer 27,958
Whole Mouse Genome Mouse 4 * 44K 60-mer 39,430
Whole Rat Genome Rat 4 * 44K 60-mer 26,930

Service NameFormatPrice
Gene Expression Array Service 4*44K
Gene Expression Array Service 8*60K

Arraystar's bioinformatics team has extensive experience in analyzing gene expression array data. We provide comprehensive data analyses, including:

• Raw Data Files

• Summary Report

• Box Plot, Scatter Plot and Hierarchical Clustering

• Differentially Expressed Gene Screening

• GO Analysis and Pathway Analysis(Fig.1)


Fig.1 GO and Pathway Analysis.  Significant GO terms/Pathways of differentially expressed gene. A bar plot is generated from the top 10 GO terms/Pathways containing the largest fold enrichment of differentially expressed genes. The plot gives a more intuitive view of the significant GO terms/Pathways.

Please refer to Sample Submission for details in how to get your project started.

• RNA isolation (Optional)


• cDNA synthesis

• Target preparation by labeling with Cy3

• Array hybridization, washing, and scanning

• Data extraction, analysis and summarization

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