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Seq-Star™ RNAClean and smallEnrich Beads AS-MB-009 10mL $180.00
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• Small RNAs as short as 17nt can be efficiently recovered
• Easy protocols to effectively partition and enrich large and/or small RNAs
• The cutoff size (<5S, <120nt) for small RNA fraction enrichment effectively eliminates highly abundant rRNAs from interfering downstream uses
• For use with both single-tube and automated high throughput 96/384-well plate formats.

The Seq-Star™ RNAClean and smallEnrich Beads system utilizes magnetic beads technology for rapid and reliable RNA purification after enzymatic reactions (e.g. DNase I treatment). Also the beads can be used for selective enrichment of large RNAs (>5S rRNA, >120nt) and small RNAs (<5S rRNA) from total RNA samples, using the protocols provided in the user manual (Figure 1).

Excess nucleotides, salts, enzymes and other unwanted residues are efficiently eliminated by a simple binding and washing procedure. The high quality RNA products can be directly used in qPCR, microarray labeling and NGS library preparation, etc. 


Figure1. Total RNA (>17nt), large (>5S rRNA size) or small (<5S) RNAs are effectively partitioned and purified by Seq-Star™ RNAClean and smallEnrich Beads, as shown on this 7.5% urea-PAGE.