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Seq-Star™ rRNA Removal Kit AS-MB-001 Human/Mouse/Rat NGS RNA-Seq library preparation 12 reactions $445.00
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 High rRNA depletion efficiency
 Enrichment of both polyadenylated RNAs (e.g. mRNA) and non-polyadenylated RNAs (e.g. many long non-coding RNAs)
 rRNA removal for both intact and degraded RNA samples (e.g. FFPE RNA)
 rRNA-depleted RNAs convenient purified and collected by the magnetic beads in the kit
 Simple and fast operating procedure

Seq-Star™ rRNA Removal (H/M/R) Kit uses an enzymatic method to remove the highly abundant rRNAs in the total RNA for NGS RNA-seq library preparation. Both cytoplasmic (5S, 5.8S, 18S, 28S) and mitochondrial (12S and 16S) ribosomal RNAs from human, mouse and rat total RNA samples are efficiently depleted (Figure 1). 
Compared with mRNA enrichment by oligo(dT), Seq-Star™ rRNA Removal (H/M/R) Kit selectively digests rRNAs while retaining polyadenylated mRNAs and non-polyadenylated RNA transcripts (such as many long non-coding RNAs and antisense transcripts).
Compared with rRNA removal by oligonucleotide capture on solid phase, Seq-Star™ rRNA Removal (H/M/R) Kit is capable of removing even the fragmented rRNAs in degraded total RNAs. Therefore the kit is particularly suitable for either intact or degraded RNA samples (e.g. FFPE RNA).


Figure1.RNA-seq results generated from intact or FFPE samples by Seq-Star™ rRNA Removal (H/M/R) Kit.

Manual         adobe_pdf_smallSeq-Star™ rRNA removal (H_M_R) Kit


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