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Seq-Star™ poly(A) mRNA Isolation Kit AS-MB-006-01 24 reactions $66.00
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Seq-Star™ poly(A) mRNA Isolation Kit AS-MB-006-02 96 reactions $206.00
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Two mRNA binding rounds to meet the high purity requirement of poly(A) mRNA for next generation sequencing library preparation and data quality.
• Optimized buffer and oligo(dT) beads achieve high poly(A) mRNA recovery.
• Support both single-tube and high througput plate format operations. No centrifugation, no precipitation!
• Purified poly(A) mRNA eluted in a small volume, ready for RNA-seq library preparation.

Seq-Star™ poly(A) mRNA Isolation Kit is designed to isolate highly pure and intact poly(A) mRNA from total RNA samples ideal for NGS RNA-seq library preparation. The poly(A) mRNA is enriched by oligo(dT) conjugated magnetic beads (Figure 1).

The kit components and procedure are highly optimized for quality and convenience. Each reaction can purify 1~5 µg total RNA. The purified poly(A) mRNA is eluted in a small volume and ready for use, without the need for precipitation.