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Service NameSizePrice
Human tRNA Modification Enzymes PCR Array Service 384 (4x96)-well plate
Human Small RNA Biogenesis Proteins PCR Array Service 384-well (2*192) / plate
Human Epitranscriptomics PCR Array 384-well (4*96) / plate
Human Central Metabolism PCR Array 384-well/ plate

Arraystar launches full mRNA PCR Array services from sample to data. The services muster the expertise, performance and power of specially optimized rtStar™ cDNA synthesis dedicated for mRNA properties. The services deliver a wealth of data and rich analyses to project your research into the new front of RNA science and applications.


Figure 1. The fold changes in expression levels of mRNAs profiled by Human tRNA Modification Enzymes PCR Array. Left: Top 20 up-regulated mRNAs. Right: Top 20 down-regulated mRNAs.

RNA sample source

Total RNA extracted by standard TRIZol methods

Sample requirement

1.5 ug total RNA with OD260/280 ratio ~ 2 OD260/230 ratio ~ 2

References and controls

Human housekeeping genes;

RNA Spike-in Control;

Genomic DNA Control;

Positive PCR Control;

Blank Control

cDNA conversion

Reverse transcription with random primers and oligo (dT)


SYBR Green

Assay format

384-well plate (4*96)/ 384-well (2*192)/ 384 (4x96)-well/ 384-well plate