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Arraystar offers a complete microRNA-seq service from RNA preparation and QC, library construction, sequencing, to comprehensive data analyses.


Technological Performance

• Highly optimized procedures to maximize the mappable reads and deliver precise quantification

• Identification of isomiRs, and distinction of mature miRNAs from pre-microRNAs

• No cross-hybridization ambiguity issues

• Sensitive detection for low abundance miRNAs at single-copy per cell level

• Cost-effective highly optimized full service from Sample to Data

Coverage and Annotation

• Applicable to any species, not dependent on prior miRNAs reference

• Always annotated with the latest miRBase

Advanced Analyses 

• Novel miRNA discovery and secondary structure prediction 

• Target gene prediction and network 

• Gene ontology/pathway analysis of miRNA Target Genes 

Promo: Min 6 samples, valid 07/01/23 - 09/30/23.

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microRNA Sequencing Service

Novel miRNA discovery and secondary structure prediction (Fig. 1)



Target gene prediction and network (Fig. 2)



Gene ontology/pathway analysis of miRNA Target Genes (Fig. 3)


Your samples
Purified total RNA, or frozen tissues, or cell pellets

Please refer to Sample Submission for details in how to get your project started.

Arraystar microRNA seq

1. RNA isolation (Optional)
3. Sequencing library construction and library QC
4. Sequencing by illumina platform
5. Raw read data processing
6. Data analyses and report
7. Project data delivery

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