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About Us

Arraystar uses cutting edge science, state of the art technologies, and innovative products to empower biomedical science researchers. We provide comprehensive and systematic analysis for expression profiling and for the regulation of RNAs, especially the regulatory non-coding RNAs (ncRNAs).

Our quality products, strong technical expertise, and in-depth data analysis produce scientific data that can quickly advance your biomedical research. Since we started in 2009, more than 478 publications have cited Arraystar’s innovative products and superior services, many of which were published in top scientific journals. Our client base has expanded to hundreds of esteemed research institutions all over the world.

Go Beyond RNA

Traditionally, rapt attention was paid to mRNA acting as a genetic intermediary between the gene and protein, as stated in the central dogma which says that DNA makes RNA which makes protein. However, with the discovery of novel classes of regulatory non-coding RNA species, research in the field of RNA biology should go beyond messenger RNAs. These non-coding RNAs have shown tissue and development-specific expression patterns along with diverse cellular functions. The pursuit to uncover these novel ncRNAs has attracted intense scientific interest with alluring possibilities of finding new disease regulators, novel biomarkers, and therapeutic targets.


Going way beyond conventional mRNA analysis, Arraystar’s vision and cutting edge technologies focus on:

  •  LncRNAs

  •  LncRNA pathways

  •  microRNAs and their target mRNAs

  •  Circular RNAs

  •  piRNAs

  •  and more


Arraystar's LncRNA Microarray was the first commercially available microarray for expression profiling of LncRNAs and mRNAs side by side, which quickly became our best-selling product. Following the success of this innovative tool, Arraystar established itself as the leader in LncRNA profiling. Subsequently, Arraystar has launched LncPath™ Pathway-focused and Disease-specific LncRNA Microarrays, miRStar™ Cancer-specific miRNA PCR Arrays and CircRNA Microarrays, providing comprehensive and innovative solutions to further support scientific examination into different RNA types. In addition, we provide superior epigenetic research services to study the regulation of ncRNA/mRNA genes by combining MeDIP, hMeDIP, and ChIP technologies with Arraystar Promoter Microarrays and next generation sequencing.


Arraystar will continue to lead and support scientists exploring the outermost frontiers of the RNA world and beyond. We hope our efforts will contribute to the advancement of life science knowledge and open new paths towards groundbreaking biomedical discoveries.