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Next-Gen Sequencing Solutions

RNA Sequencing Service

RNA-Seq for mRNA at the sequencing depths detects and quantifies both known and novel transcripts, isoforms, variants »

microRNA Sequencing Service

microRNA sequencing provides a more complete view of the miRNA transcriptome, and also offers an opportunity to identify »

tRF&tiRNA Sequencing Service

Arraystar tRF&tiRNA sequencing service offers the sample-to-data solution. With the wealth of information from our »


tRNA Sequencing Service

Transfer RNAs (tRNAs) are ubiquitous and the most abundant of all small non-coding RNA molecules. As a fundamental component »

(h)MeDIP-seq Service with LncRNA Promoter Analysis

Epigenetic study of transcriptional regulation on lncRNAs is an important avenue from the genomic perspective. Arraystar »

ChIP-seq Service

ChIP-sequencing combines chromatin immunoprecipitation with massively parallel DNA sequencing to identify and quantify in »

Arraystar next-gen RNA sequencing services profile gene expression of RNA biotypes, such as microRNA and piRNA, where the abundance is accurately counted and novel forms are identified. Our MeDIP, hMeDIP, and ChIP DNA sequencing services interrogate the status and dynamics of epigenetic regulation, such as DNA methylation, histone/chromatin modification, and transcription factor binding, of any genomic features in the entire genome of any species. Arraystar RRMHS (Reduced Representation Methylcytosine & Hydroxymethylcytosine Sequencing), a technology better than RRBS, simultaneously detects both methylation and hydroxymethylation of the CpG sites at single base resolution.