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2023 Publications of LncRNA Array Services

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Title Author Journal Year
FAR591 promotes the pathogenesis and progression of SONFH by regulating Fos expression to mediate the apoptosis of bone microvascular endothelial cells Zhang F, et al Bone Research 2023
LncRNA NIPA1-SO confers atherosclerotic protection by suppressing the transmembrane protein NIPA1 Jiang M, et al Journal of Advanced Research 2023
Dynamic chromatin accessibility tuning by the long noncoding RNA ELDR accelerates chondrocyte senescence and osteoarthritis Ji M, et al The American Journal of Human Genetics 2023
SIRT3 improved peroxisomes-mitochondria interplay and prevented cardiac hypertrophy via preserving PEX5 expression Wang M, et al Redox Biology 2023
Upregulated Long Non-coding RNA Lnc-MRPL39-2:1 Induces the Growth and Invasion of Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma by Binding to HuR and Stabilizing β-Catenin mRNA Tian Y,et al International Journal of Biological Sciences 2023
Long non-coding RNA DLX6-AS1 is the key mediator of glomerular podocyte injury and albuminuria in diabetic nephropathy by targeting the miR-346/GSK-3β signaling pathway Guo J, et al Cell Death & Disease 2023
Cannabinoid enhancement of lncRNA MMP25-AS1/MMP25 interaction reduces neutrophil infiltration and intestinal epithelial injury in HIV/SIV infection Premadasa L S, et al JCI insight 2023
LncRNA LENGA acts as a tumor suppressor in gastric cancer through BRD7/TP53 signaling Li S, et al Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences 2023
HDAC6-G3BP2 promotes lysosomal-TSC2 and suppresses mTORC1 under ETV4 targeting-induced low-lactate stress in non-small cell lung cancer Liu B, et al Oncogene 2023
The pluripotent factor OCT4A enhances the self-renewal of human dental pulp stem cells by targeting lncRNA FTX in an LPS-induced infammatory microenvironment Hong H, et al Stem Cell Research & Therapy 2023
HRCT1, negatively regulated by miR‑124‑3p, promotes tumor metastasis and the growth of gastric cancer by activating the ERBB2‑MAPK pathway Hou F, et al Gastric Cancer 2023
lncRNA CRNDE Affects Th17/IL-17A and Inhibits EpithelialMesenchymal Transition in Lung Epithelial Cells Reducing Asthma Signs Yuan Y, et al Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity 2023
GLX351322, a Novel NADPH Oxidase 4 Inhibitor, Attenuates TMJ Osteoarthritis by Inhibiting the ROS/MAPK/NF-κB Signaling Pathways Zhen J, et al Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity 2023
Comprehensive analysis of lncRNA-mRNA co-expression networks in HPV-driven cervical cancer reveals the pivotal function of LINC00511-PGK1 in tumorigenesis Xin X, et al Computers in Biology and Medicine 2023
Genome-Wide Analysis of lncRNA-mRNA Co-Expression Networks in CD133+/CD44+ Stem-like PDAC Cells Eptaminitaki G C, et al Cancers 2023
LncRNA NR120519 Blocks KRT17 to Promote Cell Proliferation and Migration in Hypopharyngeal Squamous Carcinoma Zhou Z, et al Cancers 2023
LncAABR07053481 inhibits bone marrow mesenchymal stem cell apoptosis and promotes repair following steroid-induced avascular necrosis Wang T, et al Communications Biology 2023
α-Synuclein Induces Neuroinflammation Injury through the IL6ST-AS/STAT3/HIF-1α Axis Lin D, et al International Journal of Molecular Sciences 2023
IFIH1/IRF1/STAT1 promotes sepsis associated inflammatory lung injury via activating macrophage M1 polarization Wang A, et al International Immunopharmacology 2023
LncRNA Fendrr: involvement in the protective role of nucleolin against H2O2-induced injury in cardiomyocytes Chen C, et al Redox Report 2023
IFIH1/IRF1/STAT1 promotes sepsis associated inflammatory lung injury via activating macrophage M1 polarization Wang A, et al International Immunopharmacology 2023
Long noncoding RNA GATA2-AS1 augments endothelial Hypoxia Inducible Factor 1-α induction and regulates hypoxic signaling Man H S J, et al Journal of Biological Chemistry 2023
Hesperidin may improve depressive symptoms by binding NLRP3 and influencing the pyroptosis pathway in a rat model Cao H,et al European Journal of Pharmacology 2023
Identification and panoramic analysis of drug response-related genes in triple negative breast cancer using as an example NVP-BEZ235 Feng J, et al Scientific Reports 2023
Overexpression of the lncRNA HOTAIRM1 promotes lenvatinib resistance by downregulating miR‑34a and activating autophagy in hepatocellular carcinoma Gu D, et al Discover Oncology 2023
Expression Profile of Pyroptosis-Related Genes and the Associated Regulatory Axis in Primary Gout Patients Niu S, et al Journal of Inflammation Research 2023
PM2.5 induces the abnormal lipid metabolism and leads to atherosclerosis 
via Notch signaling pathway in rats
Zhao T, et al Toxicology 2023
Long noncoding RNA DSCR8 promotes the proliferation of liver cancer cells and inhibits apoptosis via the miR-22-3p/ARPC5 Axis Huang J N, et al Journal of Cancer 2023
Exosomes Derived from Human Amniotic Mesenchymal Stem Cells Facilitate Diabetic Wound Healing by Angiogenesis and Enrich Multiple lncRNAs Fu S, et al Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine 2023
BBOX1-AS1 mediates trophoblast cells dysfunction via regulating hnRNPK/GADD45A axis Li Y, et al Biology of Reproduction 2023
Sitagliptin Ameliorates Creb5/lncRNA ENSMUST00000213271‑Mediated Vascular Endothelial Dysfunction in Obese Mice Zong Y, et al Cardiovascular Drugs and Therapy 2023
LncRNA T376626 is a promising serum biomarker and promotes proliferation, migration, and invasion via binding to LAMC2 in triple-negative breast cancer He Y, et al Gene 2023
Unearths IFNB1 Immune Infiltrates in SOP-related Ossification of Ligamentum Flavum Pathogenesis Zhang Y, et al Heliyon 2023
Association of Long Non-coding RNA C1RL-AS1 and PTPN6 Gene Polymorphisms with Ocular Behcet’s Disease in Han Chinese Wang X, et al Ocular Immunology and Inflammation 2023
Hypoxia-induced UBE2K promotes the malignant progression of HCC Ouyang G, et al Pathology Research and Practice 2023
Metastasis-associated lung adenocarcinoma transcript 1 induces methyl-CpGbinding domain protein 4 in mice with recurrent spontaneous abortion caused by antiphospholipid antibody positivity Han Y,et al Placenta 2023
Differential lncRNA/mRNA expression profiling and ceRNA network analyses in amniotic fluid from foetuses with ventricular septal defects Wang H,et al Peer J 2023
Construction of a ceRNA network of regulated ferroptosis in doxorubicin-induced myocardial injury Ye H, et al Peer J 2023
lncRNA PRR34-AS1 knockdown represses neuroinflammation and neuronal death in traumatic brain injury by inhibiting microRNA-498 expression Jin Y, et al Brain Injury 2023


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