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2021 Publications of LncRNA Array Services

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Title Author Journal Year
Hepatitis B virus P protein initiates glycolytic bypass in HBV-related hepatocellular carcinoma via a FOXO3/miRNA-30b-5p/MINPP1 axis Chen W, et al.  Journal of Experimental & Clinical Cancer Research 2021
Positive Feedback Loop of Long Noncoding RNA OASL-IT1 and Innate Immune Response Restricts the Replication of Zika Virus in Epithelial A549 Cells Wang Y, et al.  Journal of innate immunity 2021
Expression Signature of lncRNAs and mRNAs in Sevoflurane-Induced Mouse Brain Injury: Implication of Involvement of Wide Molecular Networks and Pathways Jiang C, et al.  International journal of molecular sciences 2021
Lnc-OIP5-AS1 exacerbates aorta wall injury during the development of aortic dissection through upregulating TUB via sponging miR-143-3p Wang P, et al.  Life Sciences 2021
Long non-coding RNA and mRNA profile analysis in the parotid gland of mouse with type 2 diabetes Huang Y, et al.  Life Sciences 2021
Roles of the SNHG7/microRNA‑9‑5p/DPP4 ceRNA network in the growth and 131 I resistance of thyroid carcinoma cells through PI3K/Akt activation Chen W, et al.  Oncology Reports 2021
Downregulation of lncRNA MIR181A2HG by high glucose impairs vascular endothelial cell proliferation and migration through the dysregulation of the miRNAs/AKT2 axis Wang S, et al.  International Journal of Molecular Medicine 2021
Berberine ameliorates vascular dysfunction by a global modulation of lncRNA and mRNA expression profiles in hypertensive mouse aortae Tan N, et al.  PloS one 2021
Screening and validation of plasma long non‑coding RNAs as biomarkers for the early diagnosis and staging of oral squamous cell carcinoma Jia H,  et al.  Oncology Letters 2021


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