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Microarray Solutions

LncRNA Array Service

Arraystar LncRNA Expression Arrays are designed and engineered to systematically profile lncRNAs along with the entire set »

LncPath™ Pathway LncRNA Array Service

Arraystar LncPath™ microarrays are designed to facilitate the functional study of LncRNAs, unravel their underlying regulatory »

CircRNA Array Service

Arraystar Circular RNA Microarrays systematically profile and analyze the expression of circular RNAs, a novel class of non-coding »


Gene Expression Array Service

Gene expression profiling is a technology that utilizes microarrays to analyze genome-wide profiling »

T-UCR Array Service

The ultraconserved regions (UCR) are composed of sequences (>200 bp) that are absolutely conserved and 100% identical »

piRNA Array Service

piRNAs are the largest class of small non-coding RNAs related to but distinct from microRNAs, with known functions to »


MeDIP-chip Service

MeDIP-chip combines methylated DNA immunoprecipitation (MeDIP) with microarray to give a detailed profile of genome-wide »

hMeDIP-chip Service

Studies have suggested that 5hmC may contribute to DNA demethylation and gene regulation. To further understand the role »

ChIP-chip Service

ChIP-chip combines Chromatin Immunoprecipitation (ChIP) with microarray to analyze how regulatory proteins interact with »


Arraystar offers broad selections of sample-to-data  microarray full services for global gene expression profiling of long non-coding RNAs together with whole genome mRNAs, circular RNAs, T-UCR, microRNAs, piRNAs, etc. Our MeDIP, hMeDIP, and ChIP on chip services analyze epigenetic regulation at promoter regions, cancer blocks, cancer DMRs by DNA methylation/hydroxymethylation, histone/chromatin modification, and transcription factor binding. The portfolio allows integrative and combined analyses to correlate gene expression, gene regulation and epigenetic controls, all from a single service provider. The microarray services feature best array content designs at the forefront of science, expert data processing and analysis, and detailed annotations to unravel the biology from the data.