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Microarray Solutions

LncRNA Array Service

Arraystar LncRNA Expression Arrays are designed and engineered to systematically profile lncRNAs along with the entire set »

Super-enhancer lncRNA Array Service

Arraystar Super-enhancer lncRNA Arrays are designed to systematically profile lncRNAs transcribed from super-enhancer (SE) »

LncPath™ Pathway LncRNA Array Service

Arraystar LncPath™ Arrays are designed to facilitate the functional study of LncRNAs, unravel their underlying regulatory »


CircRNA Array Service

Arraystar Circular RNA Arrays systematically profile and analyze the expression of circular RNAs, a novel class of non-coding »

Gene Expression Array Service

Gene expression profiling is a technology that utilizes microarrays to analyze genome-wide profiling »

T-UCR Array Service

The ultraconserved regions (UCR) are composed of sequences (>200 bp) that are absolutely conserved and 100% identical »


piRNA Array Service

piRNAs are the largest class of small non-coding RNAs related to but distinct from microRNAs, with known functions to »

MeDIP-chip Service

MeDIP-chip combines methylated DNA immunoprecipitation (MeDIP) with microarray to give a detailed profile of genome-wide »

hMeDIP-chip Service

Studies have suggested that 5hmC may contribute to DNA demethylation and gene regulation. To further understand the role »


ChIP-chip Service

ChIP-chip combines Chromatin Immunoprecipitation (ChIP) with microarray to analyze how regulatory proteins interact with »