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Publications of LncRNA Microarrays & Services before 2014

Since Arraystar launched the first commercial LncRNA Microarray in 2009, over 570 publications citing our superior LncRNA array service were published in top scientific journals.

  • Repression of the Long Noncoding RNA-LET by Histone Deacetylase 3 Contributes to Hypoxia-Mediated Metastasis. Yang F, et al. Mol Cell, 2013
  • A novel non-coding RNA lncRNA-JADE connects DNA damage signalling to histone H4 acetylation. Guohui Wan, et al. EMBO, 2013
  • LncRNA Hematlas Defines Blood Lineage-Specific RNA Expression Signatures and Novel LincRNA Biomarkers. Stephan Emmrich, et al. Blood, 2013
  • LncRNA-LALR1 accelerates hepatocyte proliferation during liver regeneration by activating Wnt/beta-Catenin signaling. Xu D, et al. Hepatology, 2013
  • Long noncoding RNA related to cartilage injury promotes chondrocyte extracellular matrix degradation in osteoarthritis. Qiang Liu, et al. Arthritis Rheumatism, 2013
  • LncRNA Pathway Involved in Premature Preterm Rupture of Membrane(PPROM): An Epigenomic Approach to Study the Pathogenesis of Reproductive Disorders. Xiucui Luo, Qingxi Shi, et al. PLoS ONE, 2013
  • Transcriptome Analysis Reveals Distinct Patterns of Long Noncoding RNAs in Heart and Plasma of Mice with Heart Failure. Danhua Li, et al. PLoS ONE, 2013
  • Long Non-Coding RNA Expression Profiling of Mouse Testis during Postnatal Development. Jin Sun, et al. PLoS ONE, 2013
  • Integrated Analysis of Dysregulated lncRNA Expression in Fetal Cardiac Tissues with Ventricular Septal Defect. Guixian Song, et al. PLoS ONE, 2013
  • The noncoding RNA Expression Profile and the Effect of lncRNA AK126698 on Cisplatin Resistance in Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer Cell. Yong Yang, et al. PLoS ONE, 2013
  • Sinomenine Protests against Lipopolysaccharide-Induced Acute Lung Injury in Mice via Adenosine A2A Receptor Signaling. Jun Li, et al. PLoS ONE, 2013
  • Long Noncoding RNAs Expression Profile of the Developing Mouse Heart. Zhu JG, et al. J Cell Biochem, 2013
  • Microarray expression profile analysis of long non-coding RNAs of advanced stage human gastric cardia adenocarcinoma. Y. Wang, et al. Molecular Genetics and Genomics, 2013
  • Distinct expression profiles of LncRNAs between brown adipose tissue and skeletal muscle. Jun Zhang, et al. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, 2013
  • Compared Analysis of LncRNA Expression Profiling in pdk1 Gene Knockout Mice at Two Time Points. Liu H, et al. Cell Physiol Biochem, 2013
  • Long Noncoding RNAs Expression Profile of the Developing Mouse Heart. Jin Gai Zhu, et al. Journal of Cellular Biochemistry, 2013
  • Increased binding of stroke-induced long noncoding RNAs to the transcriptional corepressors Sin3A and coREST. Ashutosh Dharap, et al. ASN NEURO, 2013
  • Long non-coding RNA expression profiling in human gastric cancer and its clinical significances. Haojun Song, et al. Journal of Translational Medicine, 2013
  • Expression profiling of lncRNAs in C3H10T1/2 mesenchymal stem cells undergoing early osteoblast differentiation. Changqing Zuo, et al. Molecular Medicine Reports, 2013
  • Induction of the liver cancer-down-regulated long noncoding RNA uc002mbe.2 mediates trichostatin-induced apoptosis of liver cancer cells. Hui Yang, et al. Biochemical Pharmacology, 2013
  • HBx-related lncRNA Dreh inhibits hepatocellular carcinoma metastasis by targeting the intermediate filament protein vimentin. Huang JF, et al. Hepatology, 2012
  • Long non-coding RNA-MVIH promotes angiogenesis and serves as a predictor for HCC patients' poor recurrence-free survival after hepatectomy. Sheng-xian Yuan, et al. Hepatology, 2012
  • Transport of influenza virus neuraminidase (NA) to host cell surface is regulated by ARHGAP21 and cdc42 proteins. Song Wang, et al. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 2012
  • Genome-wide analysis of long noncoding RNA expression in peripheral blood mononuclear cells of uremia patients. Sui W, et al. , 2012J. Nephrol
  • Altered long noncoding RNA expressions in dorsal root ganglion after rat sciatic nerve injury. Bin Yu, et al. , 2012Neuroscience Letters
  • Epigenetic activation of the MiR-200 family contributes to H19 mediated metastasis suppression in hepatocellular carcinoma. Ling Zhang, et al. , 2012Carcinogenesis
  • lncRNA expression signatures in response to enterovirus 71 infection. Zhixin Yin, et al. , 2012Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications
  • LncRNAs Expression Signatures of Renal Clear Cell Carcinoma Revealed by Microarray. Gan Yu, et al.  2012PLoS ONE,
  • Effect of Focal Ischemia on Long Noncoding RNAs. Ashutosh Dharap, et al. 2012Stroke
  • Transcriptome analysis of long noncoding RNAs of the nucleus accumbens in cocaine-conditioned mice. Qian Bu, et al.  2012Journal of Neurochemistry,
  • Aberrant Expression of Long Noncoding RNAs in Autistic Brain. Mark N. Ziats, et al.  2012J Mol Neurosci,
  • Genome-wide expression changes in a higher state of consciousness. Metka Ravnik-Glavac, et al. , 2012Consciousness and Cognition
  • LncRNA profile of glioblastoma reveals the potential role of lncRNAs in contributing to glioblastoma pathogenesis. Han L, et al. , 2012International Journal of Oncology
  • Long non-coding RNA high expressed in hepatocellular carcinoma (lncRNA-HEIH) facilitates tumor growth through enhancer of zeste homolog 2. Yang, F., Zhang L, et al. , 2011.Hepatology
  • microRNA-29 can regulate expression of the long non-coding RNA gene MEG3 in hepatocellular cancer. Braconi, C., T. Kogure, et al. , 2011, 1-7Oncogene

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