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Seq-Star™ Small RNA-seq Kit (Illumina, setA) AS-MB-012-01 Adapter Barcode(1-12) 24 reactions $996.00
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Seq-Star™ Small RNA-seq Kit (Illumina, setB) AS-MB-012-02 Adapter Barcode(13-24) 24 reactions $996.00
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• Specially designed and ideal for small RNA-seq library preparation;
• High-yield, high-diversity, high quality libraries devoid of adaptor dimer formation;
• Fully compatible with small RNA pretreatments to remove heavy RNA modifications and to prepare RNA termini for tRNAs and tRNA related fragments;
• Fully compatible with Illumina sequencing platforms.

The Seq-Star™ Small RNA-seq Kit (Illumina) contains the components and reagents, including adaptors, primers, enzymes, and buffers, for constructing small RNA sequencing libraries on Illumina sequencing platforms.

The novel library preparation procedures are highly optimized for small RNA biotypes less than 200 nt in length, such as miRNAs, piRNAs, tRNAs, tRNA-related fragments (tRF), and snoRNAs. The kit produces high-yield and high-quality libraries, devoid of artifacts such as adapter primer dimer formation.
Heavily modified tRNAs and tRFs will need additional RNA pretreatments to remove the RNA modifications and prepare the RNA termini before the library construction.


Figure 1. Bioanalyzer fragment analysis of a PCR amplified library constructed from 1 µg total RNA of MCF-7 cells (left). Preparative 6% polyacrylamide/TBE gel electrophoresis to isolate the library DNA size corresponding to miRNAs or piRNAs (right). Adapter dimer formation is absent.