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How to Study Circular RNA Expression and Modifications?


Circular RNAs are an unusual class of non-coding RNA loops having gene regulatory functions by multiple mechanisms. Due to the lack of free 5’ and 3’-ends, circRNAs are stabilized for biomarker applications. Arraystar circRNA microarray is a unique tool to accurately profile circRNA expressions with value added analysis, which has been cited by hundreds of high impact publications.

CircRNAs not only play important roles in pathogenesis and organism development, but also are epitranscriptomically modified by m6A, regulating circRNA stability, small peptide encoding, and mRNA functions. The newly launched Arraystar CircRNA Epitranscriptomic Array is the first practical tool for effective profiling of circRNA m6A modifications, which is difficult for NGS to achieve. The microarray detects which transcripts are modified, and more importantly, quantifies the modification stoichiometry for each transcript.

This webinar covers:
  • Why and how to profile circRNA expression
  • Why use microarray over RNA-seq for circRNA profiling
  • Why circRNA m6A modification is important
  • What is the best way to profile circRNA modification
  • The latest success stories in circular RNA research
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