Seq-Star™ DNA Size Selection Kit

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Seq-Star™ DNA Size Selection Kit offers efficient removal of undesired adaptor dimers and selection of a desired peak size for the library.

• Gel-free size selection: Simple and rapid procedure for either single-tube or automated high-throughput format.
• Optimized selection chemistries: Consistent performance across various types of libraries, such as gDNA-seq, RNA-seq, ChIP-seq, or MeDIP/hMeDIP-seq.
• High recovery of targeted DNA fragments: Over 85% DNA fragment recovery in the desired size range.
• Compatible with different applications of NGS platforms: Various read lengths, single-read or paired-end run types, etc.

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Seq-Star™ DNA Size Selection Kit AS-MB-008-01 24 reactions $48.00
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Seq-Star™ DNA Size Selection Kit AS-MB-008-02 96 reactions $128.00
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With the Seq-Star™ DNA Size Selection Kit, undesired adaptor dimers are efficiently removed by the supplied Protocol I for adaptor dimer removal (Fig. 1A). A desired peak size for the library can be selected using Protocol II according to the sizing table in the user guide (Fig. 1B).


Figure1. NGS libraries size selected by Seq-Star™ DNA Size Selection Kit. (A) Adaptor dimer removal using the adaptor dimer removal Protocol I. The size selected library has a 200~1500 bp size distribution appearing as the DNA smear in the range. Adaptor dimers are completely absent. (B) DNA-seq library was size selected at a peak size of 400 bp using the size selection Protocol II. The library has the desired peak size at 400 bp and DNA size distribution of 300~500 bp.


Figure 2. DNA Size selection with Seq-Star™ DNA Size Select beads . 500 ng of 50-bp ladder marker DNA was purified at different Bead:DNA ratios (v:v). The DNA exclusion size cutoff is increased by lowering the Bead:DNA ratio.