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A leap further: MeDIP-seq and hMeDIP-Seq with LncRNA Promoter Analysis

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Long non-coding RNAs are actively being investigated for their biological significance, particularly in gene regulation. The lncRNA transcription itself is tightly regulated in a cell type or disease specific manner, much more so than the transcription of protein coding genes. Understanding what is behind the lncRNA dysregulation and the upstream regulatory mechanisms is a key part of lncRNA research. DNA methylation or hydroxymethylation in the promoter regions critical for gene transcription have the regulatory effects on gene expression. For example, the methyl group modification in the LncRNA-MEG3 promoter region is aberrantly changed in liver cancers and schizophrenia patients [1]. As biomarkers, the lncRNA promoter methylation signature has shown classifying power between tumor and non-tumor cells higher than mRNA promoters in esophageal cancers [2]. Dysregulation of lncRNA promoter methylation is common, present in up to 57% breast cancer specimens [3]. Not surprisingly, the levels of lncRNA promoter methylation and the lncRNA gene expression are significantly correlated.

Arraystar (h)MeDIP-seq service with lncRNA promoter analysis has major added power of in depth data analyses of 5mC or 5hmC modification in lncRNA gene promoters, a leap further than generic (h)MeDIP-seq analysis mostly for mRNA genes.

Figure 1. The workflow of Arraystar (h)MeDIP-seq with LncRNA Promoter Analysis

1. Thomson, J.P. et al.(2013) Nucleic Acids Res 41(11):5639-54 [PMID:23598998]
2. Wu, W. et al.(2013) Gastroenterology 144(5):956-966.e4 [PMID:23333711]
3. Li, Y. et al.(2015) Scientific Reports 5;5:8790 [PMID:25739977]
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