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Real-time qPCR Services

qPCR has been commonly used as an independent method to validate the expression of selected genes profiled by microarray or next-gen sequencing.  In addition to the general qPCR design guidelines for mRNA, non-coding RNAs, including lncRNA, circular RNA and miRNA, have special molecular properties that require special qPCR design considerations.

Arraystar Non-coding RNA qPCR service for lncRNA, circular RNA, microRNA, as well as protein coding mRNA,  musters our experience with these RNA molecular types to excel  in primer site selection, primer design, sample treatment, proper controls, standard curves, qPCR experiment and data analysis. qPCR assays for human cancer microRNAs are also available in pre-designed, performance  validated Arraystar miRStar™ kits.

Figure 1. The amplification plot, post-amplification melt curve and standard curve showing the efficient amplification, high on-target specificity, absence of primer dimers, and excellent linearity.