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    microRNA-Seq service only $299/sample for a limited time!
    Library Prep + QC + Seq (5-10M reads): ALL FOR ONE LOW PRICE

Arraystar offers microRNA-seq servicefrom RNA preparation and QC, library construction, to sequencing runs. We have optimized 
miRNA-seq procedure to maximize the mappable reads and deliver precise quantification.

Get our value added advanced analysis package for only $99 per sample*

microRNA-seq analysis package Arraystar Other Providers
• miRNA alignment and length distribution of adaptor-trimmed reads
• Novel miRNA prediction and predicted secondary structure
• microRNA expression analysis Option
• Differentially expressed miRNAs Option
• Genomic distribution of differentially expressed miRNAs along chromosomes no
• Hierarchical clustering heat maps no
• Statistics (t-test, DEGseq, volcano plot) to aid further experiments no
• miRNA target prediction and target gene network (not included if the database is not available) no
• GO/Pathway Analysis of miRNA Target Genes (not included if the database is not available) no
* Available for human, mouse, rat, or species in miRBase.   

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1. Offer valid 09/01/2018 - 10/31/2018. May not be combined with any other promotions or discounts.
2. Minimum order: 6 samples.
3. Sample requirement: 1-2 μg of total RNA in good quality.

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