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    System solutions for studying tRNA biogenesis, modifications and functions

tRNAs are first transcribed as precursor pre-tRNAs. Before the mature tRNAs are ready to execute biological functions, pre-tRNAs undergo diverse and extensive post-transcriptional alterations, including splicing, processing, modification, transport, and aminoacylation. To comprehensively explore how tRNA biogenesis and modifications are regulated by protein factors and enzymes, and how the alteration of mature tRNA expression impacts biological processes and human diseases, Arraystar has developed the technology solutions to study the tRNA system:   

tRNA Biogenesis 
NuRNA™ Small RNA Biogenesis Proteins PCR Array 
To profile 185 enzymes and protein factors in the biogenesis pathways of miRNAs, tRNAs, piRNAs, etc.

tRNA Modification 
NuRNA™ Human tRNA Modification Enzymes PCR Array 
To profile the gene expression of 85 critical enzymes and protein factors in tRNA modifications.  
LC-MS tRNA Modification Analysis Service 
To analyze and characterize the global profile of 36 tRNA nucleoside modifications.

Mature tRNA Expression 
nrStar™ Human tRNA Repertoire PCR Array 
To profile 66 nuclear tRNA isodecoders and all mitochondrial tRNA species, covering all anti-codons in GtRNAdb and Transfer RNA database. 
tRNA Sequencing Service 
To effectively and accurately profile all tRNAs, with critical pretreatments to remove heavy tRNA modifications that severely impair tRNA-seq.

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LC-MS tRNA Modification Analysis Service New!
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