Sample-to-data microRNA-sequencing to Accelerate Discovery

With Arraystar's microRNA-seq service, you only need to send us your samples, such as RNAs, cells and tissues, we'll construct the libraries, run sequencing, perform comprehensive analyses and deliver you the ready-to-use, publication-quality data report! Accelerate your scientific discovery deep into the microRNA biology with our advanced features included in the standard package, typically not available or only as "options" by other providers.

Arraystar's microRNA sequencing that goes above the standards:

microRNA-seq Data Deliverables


Other Providers

• Summary report of sequencing reads

• miRNA alignment using the latest databases

• Length distribution of adaptor-trimmed reads

• Novel miRNA prediction and predicted secondary

• microRNA expression analysis


• Differentially expressed miRNAs


• Genomic distribution of differentially expressed miRNAs
    along chromosomes


• Hierarchical clustering heat maps


• Statistics (t-test or DESeq2, volcano plot) to aid further


• miRNA Targets Prediction (not included if the database is
    not available)


• GO Analysis of miRNA Target Genes (not included if the
    database is not available)


• Pathway Analysis of miRNA Target Genes (not included if
    the database is not available)


• miRNA target gene network


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