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Title Author Journal Year
The long noncoding RNA glycoLINC assembles a lower glycolytic metabolon to promote glycolysis Zhu Y, et al.  Molecular Cell 2022
LncRNA GAL promotes colorectal cancer liver metastasis through stabilizing GLUT1 Li B, et al. Oncogene 2022
SAPCD2 promotes neuroblastoma progression by altering the subcellular distribution of E2F7 Zhang Z M, et al. Cell Death & Disease 2022
Exploring Long Non-Coding RNAs Associated with IP3/DAG Signaling Pathway as Potential Biomarkers Involved in Mast Cell Degranulation in Chronic Spontaneous Urticaria with 2-Year Follow-Up Liang Y, et al.  Journal of Inflammation Research 2022
Integrative Analysis of Long Non-coding RNAs, Messenger RNAs, and MicroRNAs Indicates the Neurodevelopmental Dysfunction in the Hippocampus of Gut Microbiota-Dysbiosis Mice Liu L, et al.  Frontiers in Molecular Neuroscience 2022
Comprehensive Network Analysis Identified SIRT7, NTRK2, and CHI3L1 as New Potential Markers for Intervertebral Disc Degeneration Li H, et al. Journal of Oncology 2022
Prognostic Value of Macrophage-Associated Long Non-Coding RNA Expression for Hepatocellular Carcinoma Chen G Y, et al.   Cancer Management and Research 2022
LINC02190 inhibits the embryo-endometrial attachment by decreasing ITGAD expression Zhao F, et al.  Reproduction 2022
Transcriptome analysis of long non-coding RNAs reveals NR_015556 LncRNA is a novel regulator for adipocyte differentiation Zuo C, et al. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communicationse and Cellular Longevity 2022
Integrated analysis of transcriptome profiling of lncRNAs and mRNAs in livers of type 2 diabetes mellitus Lan X, et al.  Physiological Genomics 2022
Integrated Analysis of Long Non-Coding RNA-mRNA Profile and Validation in Diabetic Cataract Han X, et al.  Current Eye Research 2022


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