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m6A Modification Profiling Webinar Series

The recorded webinars below highlight the new advances in epitranscriptomics researches using Arraystar Arrays, from cancers, cardiovascular diseases to Covid19. They also cover how to achieve single nucleotide accuracy; how to profile mRNA & LncRNA, and CircRNA m6A modifications with limited sample amount.

m6A Modification Profiling Webinar Series 


New Discoveries in m6A Epitranscriptomics

This webinar covers:
The m6A epitranscriptomic landscape from mRNA to lncRNA
New discoveries of m6A in cancer, cardiovascular and Covid19 diseases
New tools with the power to profile percent modification stoichiometry and at single base resolution

• m6A research roadmap - how to design a m6A project

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m6A Profiling at Single Nucleotide Resolution
- Arraystar Single Nucleotide Arrays

• The roles of m6A sites in human cancers and diseases
• Single-, Poly- and Clustered m6A sites and functional significance
• m6A stoichiometry, site location and other properties 
• Excellent for FFPE, serum, plasma, and whole blood samples

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Quantify the percentage of modification at transcript level
- Arraystar Epitranscriptomic Arrays

• The lack of quantitative information by current RNA modification profiling methods
• Simultaneously profile modified gene transcripts, differential modifications, and the percentage of modification for each transcript.
• Excellent coverage for coding and noncoding RNA classes, even for those hard to profile lncRNAs and circRNAs 
• Suitable for FFPE, serum, plasma, and whole blood samples.

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