Seq-Star™ Rapid RNA-Seq Kit (Illumina)

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ArraystarSeq-Star™ Rapid RNA-seq Kit (Illumina) breaks through the limitations of classic RNA-seq library prep methods to new perfection, reducing the time, costs and bias. Itis a perfect kit for rapid construction of stranded RNA-seq library.

• From RNA sample to sequencing library, simple and easy in short 3.5 hours! 


• Robust performance and uncompromising results, high technical reproducibility

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Seq-Star™ Rapid RNA-Seq Kit (Illumina, setA) AS-MB-013-01 24 reactions Adapter Barcode(1-12) $1,196.00
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Seq-Star™ Rapid RNA-Seq Kit (Illumina, setB) AS-MB-013-02 24 reactions Adapter Barcode(13-24) $1,196.00
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Perfect kit for RNA-seq library prep
Seq-Star™ Rapid RNA-seq Kit is better than classic RNA-seq prep kits in simplicity, speed, low input RNA amount requirement, robustness and uncompromising results.
Table 1.  Characteristics of the RNA-seq preps
* Classic dUTP-based RNA-seq kits such as Illumina TruSeq Stranded mRNA Library Preparation Kit, KAPA Stranded mRNA-Seq Kit, and others.

Optimized prep reactions
The reagent formulation and reaction conditions are highly optimized to produce high yield, high quality libraries without adapter dimers and erratic size distribution (Fig.2).

Figure 2. Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer analysis of the RNA-seq library prepared using Seq-Star™ Rapid RNA-seq kit, showing the high yield, steady size distribution, and the absence of adapter dimers.

Robust performance and uncompromising results
Table 2. Sequencing read stats

High technical reproducibility
Technically replicated library preps show excellent reproducibility at R2 > 0.99.
Figure 3. FPKM scatter plot of the technically replicated library preps generated by Seq-Star™ Rapid RNA-seq Kit.

Seq-Star™ Rapid RNA-seq Kit (Illumina) Workflow
From rRNA depleted or oligo(dT)-enriched RNA to stranded RNA-seq library