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Seq-Star™ Rapid DNA-seq Kit (Illumina, SetA) AS-MB-010-01 Adapter Barcode(1-12) 24 reactions $492.00
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Seq-Star™ Rapid DNA-seq Kit (Illumina, SetB) AS-MB-010-02 Adapter Barcode(13-24) 24 reactions $492.00
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• The fastest, easiest and simplest workflow in a single-tube operation. The entire procedure can be completed in less than 1.5 hours with minimal hands-on time.
• High performance. As little as 1 ng starting DNA can be successfully constructed for the sequencing library.
• DNAClean purification beads supplied in the kit are superior in convenience and performance than standard column based methods.
• High library yields and quality.

Seq-Star™ Rapid DNA-seq kit (Illumina) is designed for simple and rapid prepapration of DNA-seq library of chromatin immunoprecipitated (ChIP) or regular genomic DNA for use with Illumina NGS platforms. The kit includes End-repair, A-tailing and Adapter ligation steps, all carried out in a one-tube system without the need of reaction cleanups in between the steps. It features the fastest and simplest DNA-seq library construction; the entire protocol can be completed in 1.5 hours (Fig.1). The kit is highly optimized and efficient; input DNA as low as 1 ng can be successfully constructed. Optionally, Arraystar Seq-Star™ DNA Size Selection kit is available as a companion kit to select and enrich the library in the desired fragment size range (Fig.2).


Figure1. Workflow of Seq-Star™ Rapid DNA-seq Kit (Illumina).


Figure 2. NGS libraries prepared with Seq-Star™ Rapid DNA-seq Kit (Illumina). (A) DNA-seq library without size selection appears as 200~1500 bp smear. Adapter dimer peak is absent; (B) DNA-seq library size selected with Seq-Star™ DNA Size Selection Kit (peak size ~400 bp). Both libraries were prepared from 1 ng of sonicated genomic DNA from MCF-7 cells.