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Seq-Star™ DNAClean Beads AS-MB-007 50mL $445.00
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• High purity
• Ideal as the DNA purification steps for use with NGS library preparation
• Over 90% recovery rate for DNA fragments larger than 200bp
• Centrifugation/filtration-free protocol
• Both single and double-stranded DNA fragments can be isolated
• Support both single-tube and automated high throughput 96/384-well plate formatSeq-Star™

Seq-Star™ DNAClean Beads system utilizes magnetic beads technology for rapid and efficient DNA purification from PCR or other enzymatic reactions in the process of next-gen sequencing library preparation, such as cDNA synthesis, A-tailing, adaptor ligation, and library PCR amplification (Figure 1).  The Seq-Star™ DNAClean Beads, together with the optimized buffer, selectively bind DNA fragments 100 bp or larger in size. Excess primers, primer dimers, nucleotides, salts, and enzymes are removed using a simple procedure (Figure 2).


Figure 1. Seq-Star™ DNAClean DNA purification procedure.


Figure 2. 130-bp PCR product purified with 1.8X DNAClean Beads. Nanodrop OD260/280 readings were 1.92±0.04 and OD260/230 readings were 2.25±0.03 for the replicated purification experiments. Excess primers and primer dimers were efficiently removed and invisible on the gel.

In addition to NGS uses, purified products of Seq-StarTM DNAClean Beads can also be used directly in any downstream applications, such as Sanger sequencing, Cloning, SNP detection, etc.