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Arraystar provides innovative products and comprehensive services for gene expression profiling and gene regulation studies. Since the company's inception in 2009, more than 390 high impact publications have used our products and services. In addition to our popular LncRNA and circular RNA microarrays, Arraystar has released several series of PCR panels, including nrStar™, miRStar™ and NuRNA™ PCR panels:

nrStar™ PCR panels
nrStar™ Human Functional LncRNA PCR Array
Profiles 372 Gold lncRNAs well characterized for the key roles in regulatory functions in biology and disease.

nrStar™ Human tRF&tiRNA PCR Array
Profiles 185 prevalent tRFs & tiRNAs compiled in the databases and newly reported in recent publications.

nrStar™ Human tRNA Repertoire PCR Array
Profiles 66 PCR-distinguishable nuclear tRNA isodecoders and all mitochondrial tRNAs, covering all anti-codons.

nrStar™ Human snoRNA PCR Array
Profiles 359 snoRNAs covering all the prevalently detected snoRNAs from SnoPY and snoRNA-LBME-db.

miRStar™ PCR panels
miRStar™ Human Cancer Focus miRNA PCR Array
Profiles 184 miRNAs most relevant to cancer and fully experimentally validated on serum/plasma samples.

miRStar™ Human Cancer Focus miRNA&Target mRNA PCR
Profiles 184 cancer miRNAs and 178 mRNA targets, to examine their interactions and expressional relationships. 

NuRNA™ PCR panels
NuRNA™ Human tRNA Modification Enzymes PCR Array
Profiles 85 critical enzymes and protein factors involved in tRNA modifications.

NuRNA™ Small RNA Biogenesis Proteins PCR Array
Profiles 185 enzymes and protein factors involved in the small RNA biogenesis pathways.

NuRNA™ Human Epitranscriptomics PCR Array
Profiles 84 epitranscriptional enzymes, studying how the epitranscriptomic marks, are written, read and erased.

NuRNA™ Human Central Metabolism PCR Array
Profiles 373 enzymes and proteins in the core metabolic pathways and crucial metabolite transport systems. 

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