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    Arraystar Seq-Star™ Rapid RNA-seq Kit
Simple and accurate in short 3.5 hours, perfect with low input RNA 

Arraystar Seq-Star™ Rapid RNA-seq Kit (Illumina) breaks through the limitations of classic RNA-seq library prep methods to new perfection. The kit is decisively the simplest, fastest and most robust method to obtain the uncompromisingly reliable and accurate results!!
Rapid RNA-seq
Time √ 3.5 hr 5 ~ 5.5 hr
Low total RNA input √ 50 ng 100 ~ 1000 ng
No 2nd cDNA synthesis and adapter ligation X
Strand specific stranded kits only
Whole transcriptomes 
± poly(A)
total RNA-seq versions only
Rapid RNA-seq
Clean reads identical
% Adapter dimers  0.05 ~ 0.3 0.05 ~ 0.3
% Mappable reads 71 ~ 82 76 ~ 87
% Redundant reads 2 ~ 10 2 ~ 10
% Strand specificity 99.2 ~ 99.4 99.1 ~ 99.3
% rRNA reads 0.1 ~ 1 0.1 ~ 1

*Classic methods refer to Illumina TruSeq Stranded mRNA Library Preparation Kit, and KAPA Stranded mRNA-Seq Kit.

1. 50% saving for your first order of this kit, by referencing AS072017 on your purchase order. One time use only per customer.
2. Offer may not be combined with any other promotions or discounts. Valid through Nov. 30, 2107, for Arraystar's direct customers only.

Arraystar Seq-Star™ next generation sequencing product line provides for all your need for RNA-sequencing library prep.
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