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nrStar™ Human Functional LncRNA PCR Array
Profile 372 LncRNAs with Biomarker Potential 

>> 372 known functional or disease lncRNAs curated from scientific publications and authoritative databases.
       Cancer: 222 
       Neurodegenerative diseases: 42 
       Cardiovascular diseases: 44 
       Kidney diseases: 17 
       Diabetes: 10 
       Immune system: 15 
       Cell Cycle: 11 
       Lipid metabolism adipogenesis: 8

>> Transcript-specific primer design

>> Free user-friendly analysis tool, providing cross-referenced key information of lncRNA classification, mechanisms of action, biological functions, disease associations, clinical uses and scientific publications 

>> Fast and easy process in short 4 hours.

Table 1  A snapshot of lncRNAs on the PCR array with potential biomarker applications

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