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Seq-Star™ Next-Gen Sequencing Reagents and Kits

Buy 1, Get 1 FREE!
Arraystar has just released the Seq-Star™ product series, offering low cost, high quality solutions for next-gen sequencing application on a broad range of RNA, DNA, and epigenetic analysis studies. You can conveniently purchase all sample preparation and library construction kits required for RNA seq, small RNA seq, MeDIP-seq, ChIP-seq, and so on, in one stop.

Buy Seq-Star™ products, get one rRNA removal kit free! 
*First come, first serve while supplies last!
Figure. Highly efficient in removing rRNA(>99 %)
  Kit Catalog
Seq-Star™ DNAClean Beads AS-MB-007-02
Seq-Star™ DNA Size Selection Kit AS-MB-008-01/02
Seq-Star™ RNAClean and smallEnrich Beads AS-MB-009
Seq-Star™ poly(A) mRNA isolation kit AS-MB-006-01/02
Seq-Star™ rRNA removal kit (H/M/R) AS-MB-001
Seq-Star™ Rapid DNA-seq Kit AS-MB-010
Seq-Star™ Stranded RNA-seq Kit AS-MB-011
Seq-Star™ Small RNA-seq Kit AS-MB-012
rtStar™ tRF&tiRNA Pretreatment Kit AS-FS-005
Type Sequencing application kit selection Accessory kit*
DNA MeDIP-seq, hMeDIP-seq, ChIP-seq
RNA RNA-seq (mRNA)
RNA RNA-seq(lncRNA+mRNA, intact or degraded RNA)
Small RNA miRNA-seq, piRNA-seq, snoRNA-seq
Small RNA tRF&tiRNA-Seq, tRNA-seq

① components are already included with the DNA-seq or RNA-seq kits;
② is optional, used when DNA sizing is needed. 

Buy 1, Get 1 FREE!

1.The FREE trial kit contains all the required reagents for 6 reactions.
2.Offer may not be combined with any other promotions or discounts.
3.Maximum one Free Trial Kit per customer.

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