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AACR Annual Meeting 2017
Walter E. Washington Convention Center 
Washington, D.C., USA 
April 1 - 5, 2017

Visit booth # 1650 for a chance to win a free kit for PCR or NGS
Answer one PCR or NGS quiz question correctly, and you can win a free kit* to boost your research.

Learn about ncRNA PCR Arrays 
For long non-coding RNAs 
LncRNA Known Functional PCR array: profile 372 lncRNAs most relevant to biological functions

For small non-coding RNAs 
tiRNA & tRF PCR Array: profile 185 prevalent tRFs & tiRNAs
tRNA PCR Array: profile 66 PCR-distinguishable nuclear tRNA isodecoders and all mitochondrial tRNA species
snoRNA PCR Array: profile 359 snoRNAs, 7 snoRNA target snRNAs and 4 snoRNP complex members 
microRNA & mRNA target PCR Array: profile 184 critical tumor-related miRNAs and 178 well defined mRNA targets
Cancer Focus miRNA PCR Array: contain two identical sets of 184 miRNAs most relevant to cancer

Explore more ncRNA solutions
Long non-coding RNAs
Circular RNAs
tiRNAs & tRFs, tRNAs

* First Come, first serve while supplies last! Free shipping for U.S. and Canada only.

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