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Conveniently profile enzymes involved in tRNA modifications

tRNAs are heavily decorated posttranscriptionally with numerous chemical modifications, which are essential for shaping up, fine tuning, and regulating all aspects of tRNA functioning. These chemical modifications are dynamically regulated and catalyzed by tRNA modification enzymes[1]. Mutations or dysregulation of tRNA modifiers have been associated with diseases. The emerging importance of tRNA modifications in diseases calls for additional work[2, 3]. How tRNA modifications are regulated by tRNA modification enzymes is in need to be studied.

To help researchers quickly and conveniently profile enzymes involved in tRNA modifications, Arraystar has produced the first commercial PCR panel specially designed for profiling the tRNA modification enzymes. The panel contains 85 validated or predicted tRNA modification enzymes or protein factors compiled from research publications and authoritative databases including UniProt and Modomics, partially illustrated in Figure 1.

• Rigorous – all primer pairs and assays are elaborately optimized and rigorously validated across many tissues and cell lines
• Superior data quality – spike-in control, Positive PCR Control, Genomic DNA Control and normalization references are included
• Convenient – easy-to-use tool for PCR data analysis
Figure1. Human tRNA modifications and tRNA modification enzymes

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[1] El Yacoubi B, Bailly M, de Crecy-Lagard V. Biosynthesis and function of posttranscriptional modifications of transfer RNAs. Annual review of genetics 2012;46:69-95.
[2] Zhang X, Cozen AE, Liu Y, Chen Q, Lowe TM. Small RNA Modifications: Integral to Function and Disease. Trends in molecular medicine 2016.
[3] Suzuki T, Nagao A, Suzuki T. Human mitochondrial tRNAs: biogenesis, function, structural aspects, and diseases. Annual review of genetics 2011;45:299-329.
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