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Arraystar LncRNA Microarray V1.0 launched in 2009 was the first commercial microarray for expression profiling of LncRNAs and mRNAs side by side. To date, these powerful microarrays have proven themselves to be an invaluable resource in LncRNA research touting many high impact publications. To incorporate rapid scientific advances and new data, Arraystar released our version 4.0 Human, version 3.0 Mouse and version 2.0 Rat LncRNA  Microarray in succession, which provide a newly-updated and stringent LncRNA collection, as well as additional non-coding RNAs of interest. 

The challenges of lncRNA differential analysis by RNA-seq
  • For mere detection of the presence of an lncRNA, a few reproducible counts unique to that lncRNA are required.
  • But for quantification, at least hundreds read counts are required. LncRNAs as a population are ~10x less than mRNA. Count numbers at these levels are not nearly sufficient for differential expression analysis.
  • Many lncRNAs have complex overlapping relationship with mRNA genes, sequencing reads from an lncRNA are not necessarily unique to the lncRNA, which demands deep sequencing reads to construct transcripts for novel lncRNA discovery.

Figure 1. Actual RNA-seq data showing the relationship between RNA abundance (horizontal axis in log2 scale) and percentage of the RNA transcripts that can be accurately quantified (vertical axis) . The typical coverages of mRNAs (blue circle) and lncRNAs red (circle) in a RNA-seq depth of 30M are indicated. Less than 10% of lncRNAs may be reliably quantified.

The benefits of Arraystar LncRNA microarray over RNA-seq

 >> Systematic and functional lncRNA annotation and analysis with genomic information, subclassification, and regulatory relationships.
>> Unambiguous transcript-specific probes for accurate and reliable detection and quantification of transcript isoforms.
>> A wealth of data for co-expressional and correlational studies of non-coding regulatory lncRNAs with the protein coding mRNAs.

New Human LncRNA Microarray V4.0

  • The Gold Standard Collection of 7,506 well annotated and experimentally studied genuine lncRNAs.
  • The Reliable Collection of 32,667 high confidence lncRNAs extensively derived from public databases, repositories, and scientific publications using our stringent collection pipelines.
  • The enhancement of our concise and scientific LncRNA subgroup and classification.LncRNAs known to be associated with biological processes or human diseases are annotated and referenced.
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