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Unlock LncRNA functions, regulatory mechanisms and molecular pathology.

Long non-coding RNAs (LncRNAs) are a class of non-protein coding RNAs longer than 200 nt. By various mechanisms, lncRNAs are often regulatory molecules of gene expression, exerting multitudes of biological functions and associated with many human diseases [1-6]. Although the majority of lncRNAs are still functionally unknown, intense lncRNA research has characterized and accumulated functional and disease information for many lncRNAs.
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Arraystar has designed nrStar™ Human Functional LncRNA PCR Array to sensitively and accurately profiles 372 best known functional lncRNAs that have been characterized for the biological functions and association with human diseases. Profiling these lncRNA expression provides a key to their functions, regulatory mechanisms, molecular pathology and biomarker applications in you biological or disease systems.


  • Most comprehensive and best content: 372 known functional or disease lncRNAs curated from scientific publications and authoritative databases.
  • High performance transcript-specific primer design: To achieve upmost sensitivity, specificity and accuracy.
  • "Smart" cDNA synthesis strategy: For efficient and robust detection of polyadenylated and non-polyadenylated LncRNAs, whether in intact or degraded RNA samples.
  • LncRNA analysis and annotation: Cross-referenced key information of lncRNA classification, mechanisms of action, biological functions, disease associations, clinical uses and scientific publications with the data.

Table 1 | A snapshot of lncRNAs on the PCR array with potential biomarker applications


Disease Association

Biomarker application


Coronary artery disease[1, 2]

Risk factor


Myocardial infarction[2]

Risk factor


Myocardial infarction[3]

Predicts left ventricular dysfunction


Myocardial infarction[4]

Risk factor


Myocardial infarction[5]

Predicts postinfarct remodeling


Alzheimer's disease[6]

Risk factor


Parkinson's Disease[7]

Risk factor


Hepatocellular carcinoma[8]

Diagnosis and monitoring


Ovarian cancer[9]

Predicts poor prognosis


Colorectal cancer[10]

Predicts therapeutic responsiveness


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  • Schmitt A.M. and H.Y. Chang (2016) "Long Noncoding RNAs in Cancer Pathways." Cancer Cell 29(4):452-63 [PMID: 27070700] 
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