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Unravel the tRNA pool alteration in diseases.

Transfer RNAs (tRNAs) are ubiquitous and the most abundant of all small non-coding RNA molecules. As a fundamental component in translation, tRNAs serve as the physical link between the mRNA and the protein sequences.

A wide variety of biological processes such as cell proliferation differentiation and apoptosis are always accompanied with tRNA level variation [1-3]. Many diseases, for example, type 2 diabetes[4], Huntington's disease[5], and HIV infection[6], are impacted by altered tRNA pools. Dysregulated tRNA repertoire can promote tumorigenesis and cancer progression[7-8]. tRNA repertoire has become an important source of information in the study of codon usage, protein translation efficiency and accuracy, biological processes and human diseases. Learn more>

To conveniently, reliably and accurately profile the tRNA repertoire, Arraystar has developed the first commercially available nrStar™ Human tRNA Repertoire PCR Array in the market. The PCR Array profiles 66 PCR-distinguishable nuclear tRNAs and all human mitochondrial tRNAs, covering all anti-codons provided by GtRNAdb and tRNAdb databases. Specially optimized tRNA demethylation is used to overcome heavy tRNA modifications to gain upmost profiling efficiency.


  • Profile nuclear and mitochondrial tRNAs of all anti-codons in the GtRNAdb and tRNAdb databases
  • Powerful companion tRNA demethylation to achieve efficient tRNA profiling
  • Fully experimentally validated primers across numerous tissues and cell lines
  • Easy-to-use convenient panel to obtain results in hours


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