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Robust seq results for FFEPE samples

Data Qty

Read Length

Seq Depth



150bp Paired -end

40M (20M fragments)

Excellent coverage for protein coding mRNAs

Arraystar RNA Sequencing profiles mRNAs with excellent coverage. The paired-end chemistry and long read length allow effective analysis of alternatively spliced transcript isoforms and novel RNA discovery. We archieve extremely high strand-specificity and unbiased even read distribution along the transcript from 5' to 3' end by dUTP library construction chemitry.Samples with degradation, such as FFPE clinical sample,can now obtain good results using our alternative prep procedure based on rRNA depletion.

In addition to the complete raw data files, Arraystar comprehensive and easy-to –read mRNA-Seq analyses include QC, mapping, gene and transcript level expressional analyses, principal component analysis, correlations, differential expression, clustering, heat maps, gene ontology analysis, pathway analysis, novel gene and transcript discovery, and data visualization.

  • Perfected methods to produce highly desired strand-specific, unbiased RNA-seq reads, even for degraded samples.


  • Comprehensive and easy-to-read data analyses

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