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Novel class of circular RNAs in rat models of disease and biology

Circular RNA is a novel class of covalently circularized non-coding RNA molecules expressed by > 10% of the genes. Due to their resistance to exonucleases, circular RNAs are stable in cells and long in half-lives. Many cell types have certain circular RNAs that are more abundant than their linear counterparts. Functionally, circular RNAs have been found as strikingly effective examples of natural miRNA sponges in gene regulation. The highly specific tissue/cell type expression and increased stability present enormous potentials as a new class of biomarkers. The biology of circular RNA is waiting to be explored in any biological systems. Learn more >

Rats are a model organism of human disease and physiology in important ways. Many cardiovascular, central nervous system, cancer and reproduction model systems are well established in rats. The larger body size also provides more biofluid volume and better sampling for biomarker work.

Following the success of Human and Mouse CircRNA microarrays, Arraystar is now launching the Rat CircRNA Microarray to empower circular RNA expression profiling in rats. Disease and physiology studied in rat models can now be investigated in the new light of circular RNA biology and regulation.


  • The only practical platform for highly sensitive and specific circular RNA profiling available for biologists as full RNA sample to data service.
  • Circular junction-specific probes, linear RNA removal by RNase R treatment and efficient circRNA labeling ensure the most specific, accurate and reliable circRNA profiling, even in the predominant presence of linear RNAs.
  • Detailed annotation specific to circRNA biology, e.g. miRNA binding sites, miRSVR scores and conservation status, to unravel functional roles as miRNA sponges.
  • The preferred choice over RNA-sequencing, as RNA-seq is currently inadequate for such task due to the particular properties of circular RNA.

Arraystar Rat Circular RNA Microarray

Total Number of Distinct Probes


Probe Length

60 nt

Probe Selection Region

Probes targeting circRNA-specific junctions

Probe Specificity


Labeling Method

Random primer labeling coupled with RNase R pretreatment to ensure highly specific and sensitive circular RNA signals.

Circular RNA Sources

You's circular RNAs [1]


Mouse circRNA orthologs


Human circRNA orthologs


Array Format

8 * 15K


1. You X. et al. (2015) "Neural circular RNAs are derived from synaptic genes and regulated by development and plasticity." Nat. Neurosci. 18(4):603-10 [PMID: 25714049]
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