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Advancing LncRNA Science with New Human LncRNA Microarray V4.0

LncRNAs as an important class of gene expression regulators are under very active scientific studies. New lncRNAs and lncRNA functions are continually discovered in biological systems and human diseases. Arraystar LncRNA microarrays are the superior technology to sensitively profile lncRNA expression along with protein coding genes to gain insight into their functions and regulatory mechanisms. The power of these lncRNA arrays is built on the foundation of the very best array contents. Our latest Human LncRNA Microarray V4.0 will advance your lncRNA research to the scientific forefront.

>> The best lncRNA array contents with the most up-to-date, comprehensive, and reliable collections.

  • The Gold Standard Collection of 7,506 well annotated and experimentally studied genuine lncRNAs.
  • The Reliable Collection of 32,667 high confidence lncRNAs extensively derived from public databases, repositories, and scientific publications using our stringent collection pipelines.

>> Systematic and functional lncRNA annotation and analysis

  • Complete analysis with genomic information, subclassification, and regulatory relationships gains insights into the complex lncRNA biology.
  • LncRNAs known to be associated with biological processes or human diseases are annotated and referenced.

>> Unambiguous transcript-specific probes for accurate and reliable detection and quantification of transcript isoforms.

>> A wealth of data for co-expressional and correlational studies of non-coding regulatory lncRNAs with the protein coding mRNAs.

Total number of distinct probes


Probe selection region

Specific exon or splice junction along the entire length of the transcript

Probe specificity


Labeling method

cRNAs are labeled along the entire length without 3’ bias, even for degraded RNA at low amount.

Total LncRNAs


Gold Standard LncRNAs

lncRNAdb v2.0 functional lncRNAs reference database;
Refseq high confidence full length LncRNAs;
Level 1 GENCODE v21 experimentally supported LncRNAs;
Full length lncRNAs defined by ENCODE CAGE Clusters, PolyA-seq, deep RNA-Seq and CaptureSeq;
Arraystar’s scientific publication review and curation;

Reliable LncRNAs

Constructed from >300,000 lncRNA sequences from various sources remained from the Gold Standard Collection;
Represented as the best transcript for each lncRNA transcription unit.

Transcribed pseudogenes


Protein coding mRNAs


LncRNA sources

Databases current in 2015: Refseq, UCSC, GENCODE, LncRNAdb, RNAdb, NRED, lincRNA catalogs (Cabili et al 2011, Clark et al 2015, Iyer et al 2015), ENCODE CAGE Clusters, PolyA-seq, deep RNA-Seq and capture seq data repositories.

Arraystar LncRNA collection pipelines

Scientific Literature: publications up to 2015

mRNA sources

Refseq and GENCODE, in conjunction with UniProt


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