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Analysis of lncRNA and mRNA expression profiling

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The LncRNA Microarrays pioneered by Arraystar are continually updated to be the most powerful lncRNA profiling technology for studying lncRNAs. The arrays comprehensively and reliably collect lncRNAs from databases, curation pipelines and scientific publications, with the best lncRNA contents along with the entire set of coding mRNAs. 

Unlike protein coding genes, publically available lncRNAs are often scantily annotated, partial in scope and scattered in collection. Included in Arraystar standard analysis package, LncRNA expression has its dedicated data analysis pipelines. LncRNAs are comprehensively annotated with genomic information and systematically sub-classified based on their molecular properties, genomic contexts, relationships with the protein coding genes, such as antisense, enhancer, intergenic, bidirectional and sense-overlapping, which greatly facilitates the understanding of the regulatory potentials of the lncRNAs. Associations with known biological pathways, such as apoptosis, stem cell pluripotency, cell differentiation, and human diseases, such as cancer, neurological and cardiovascular diseases are curated and cross-referenced.

With the wealth of the lncRNA microarray information, advanced analyses* are at ready to correlate the lncRNA and mRNA expression data derived from these arrays to dissect the regulatory and co-expressional relationships. The Coding-Noncoding Coexpression Network (CNC) establishes and visualizes the interactions of the lncRNAs and mRNAs. LncRNA-GSET detects and clusters the biological pathways and gene ontological functions that are enriched in their differential expression.

*Advance analyses are quoted separately from the standard LncRNA microarray service
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