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Expand the new world of circular RNAs in gene regulation

Arraystar pioneered the first commercially available circRNA microarrays for systematic profiling of circRNAs. With the rapid advances and to bring the circRNA research to the forefront, we now launch the new version 2.0 of circRNA microarrays with greatly expanded circRNA contents.

Circular RNA is a novel class of covalently circularized non-coding RNA molecules. They are not rare accidental gene products; more than 10% of the genes produce circRNAs. ?Due to their resistance to exonucleases, circRNAs are stable in cells and long in half-lives. Many cell types have certain circRNAs that are more abundant than their linear counterparts. Functionally, circRNAs have been found as strikingly effective examples of natural miRNA sponges in gene regulation. The highly specific tissue/cell type expression and increased stability present enormous potentials as a new class of biomarkers.

  • The most updated circRNA contents.
  • Specifically designed for circRNA, the circRNAs were comprehensively curated from the landmark circular RNA discovery studies and multiple data sources with stringent experimental support.
  • Unique technology for Circular RNA profiling
  • Circular junction-specific probes, linear RNA removal by RNase R treatment and efficient circRNA labeling ensure the most specific, accurate and reliable circRNA profiling, even in the predominant presence of linear RNAs.
  • The only platform with solid performance
  • Arraystar Circular RNA Microarray is designed for highly sensitive and specific circular RNA profiling. It overcomes RNA-seq’s demands for very deep sequencing depths, difficulties to accurately quantify circular junction reads at low read levels, and lacking of computational pipelines for circRNAs.
  • Detailed annotation for circRNA-miRNA association
  • circRNAs are annotated with miRNA binding sites, miRSVR scores and conservation status to unravel functional roles as miRNA sponges.
  Human circRNAs Mouse circRNAs
Source V1.0 V2.0 V1.0 V2.0
Salzman 2013 4,908 8,529    
Memczak 2013 390 1,601 1,797 1,750
Zhang 2013 98 93    
Zhang 2014 --- 4,980    
Jeck 2012 --- 3,769    
Guo 2014 --- 5,536 --- 570
You 2015       13,300
Total 5,396 1,3617 1,797 14,236

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