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Publications of LncRNA Microarrays & Services in 2014

Since Arraystar launched the first commercial LncRNA Microarray in 2009, over 570 publications citing our superior LncRNA array service were published in top scientific journals.

  • LncRNA Directs Cooperative Epigenetic Regulation Downstream of Chemokine Signals. Z Xing, et al. Cell, 2014
  • A Long Noncoding RNA Activated by TGF-beta Promotes the Invasion-Metastasis Cascade in Hepatocellular Carcinoma. Yuan JH, et al. Cancer Cell, 2014
  • A Long Noncoding RNA Transcriptional Regulatory Circuit Drives Thermogenic Adipocyte Differentiation. XY Zhao, et al. Molecular Cell, 2014
  • NRAV, a Long Noncoding RNA, Modulates Antiviral Responses though Suppression of Interferon-Stimulated Gene Transcription. J Ouyang, et al. Cell Host & Microbe, 2014 
  • The Circulating Long Non-Coding RNA LIPCAR Predicts Survival in Heart Failure Patients. Kumarswamy R, et al. Circ Res, 2014
  • Expression and prognostic impact of lncRNAs in acute myeloid leukemia. Garzon R, et al. PNAS, 2014
  • Genome-wide Identification of Long Noncoding RNAs in Rat Models of Cardiovascular and Renal Diseases. K Gopalakrishnan, et al. Hypertension, 2014
  • A long noncoding RNA critically regulates Bcr-Abl-mediated cellular transformation by acting as a competitive endogenous RNA. G Guo, et al. Oncogene, 2014
  • Hypoxia-inducible lncRNA-AK058003 promotes gastric cancer metastasis by targeting gama-synuclein. Wang Y, et al. Neoplasia, 2014
  • Long non-coding RNA MRUL promoters ABCB1 expression in multidrug-resistant gastric cancer cell sublines. Y Wang, et al. Molecular and Cellular Biology, 2014
  • The human long noncoding RNA, lnc-IL7R, regulates inflammatory response. Cui H, et al. Eur J Immunol, 2014
  • A novel long non-coding RNA ENST00000480739 suppresses tumour cell invasion by regulating OS-9 and HIF-1alpha in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma. YW Sun, et al. British Journal of Cancer, 2014 
  • Analysing the relationship between lncRNA and protein-coding gene and the role of lncRNA as ceRNA in pulmonary fibrosis. Song X, et al. J Cell Mol Med, 2014
  • Exploring the Wnt Pathway-Associated LncRNAs and Genes Involved in Pancreatic Carcinogenesis. Q Wang, et al. Pharmaceutical Research, 2014
  • Expression profile of long noncoding RNAs in cartilage from knee osteoarthritis patients. Fu M, et al. Osteoarthritis and Cartilage, 2014
  • A lincRNA-DYNLRB2-2/GPR119/GLP-1R/ABCA1-dependent Signal Transduction Pathway Is Essential for the Regulation of Cholesterol Homeostasis and Inflammatory Reactions. YW Hu, et al. Journal of Lipid Research, 2014
  • Long noncoding RNA are aberrantly expressed in vivo in the cystic fibrosis bronchial epithelium. Paul J. McKie, et al. The International Journal of Biochemistry & Cell Biology, 2014
  • Long Non-Coding RNA Profiling in Laryngeal Squamous Cell Carcinoma and Its Clinical Significance:Potential Biomarkers for LSCC. Z Shen, et al. PLoS ONE, 2014
  • Expression Profiling of RNA Transcripts during Neuronal Maturation and Ischemic Injury. P Kaur, et al. PLoS ONE, 2014
  • The Long Noncoding RNA Expression Profile of Hepatocellular Carcinoma Identified by Microarray Analysis. J Zhu, et al. PLoS ONE, 2014
  • Dynamic Transcription of Long Non-Coding RNA Genes during CD4+ T Cell Development and Activation. F Xia, et al. PLoS ONE, 2014
  • Analysis of Altered Microarray Expression Profiles in Proximal Renal Tubular Cells in Response to Calcium Oxalate Monohydrate Crystal Adhesion: Implications for Kidney Stone Disease. Bohan Wang, et al. PLoS ONE, 2014
  • Expression Pattern of Long Non-coding RNAs in Renal Cell Carcinoma Revealed by Microarray. C Qin, et al. PLoS ONE, 2014
  • GSTT1 Dletion Is Related to Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons-Induced DNA Damage and Lymphoma Progression. Fan Yang, et al. PLoS ONE, 2014
  • Aberrantly Expressed lncRNAs in Primary Varicose Great Saphenous Veins. Xiang Li, et al. PLoS ONE, 2014
  • Long Noncoding RNAs in spermatogenesis: insights from recent high-throughput transcriptome studies. Luk AC, et al. Reproduction, 2014
  • Microarray Expression Profile Analysis of Long Non-coding RNAs in Human Gastric Cardiac Adenocarcinoma. Y Wang, et al. Cellular Physiologyand Biochemistry, 2014
  • lncRNA expression signatures in periodontitis revealed by microarray: The potential role of lncRNAs in periodontitis pathogenesis. Zou Y, et al. J Cell Biochem. 2014
  • LncRNA-regulated infection and inflammation pathways associated with pregnancy loss genome wide differential expression of lncRNAs in early spontaneous abortion. Wang H, et al. Am J Reprod Immunol, 2014
  • Genome-wide analysis of long noncoding RNA in primary nasopharyngeal carcinoma by microarray. Yang QQ, et al. Histopathology. 2014
  • Integrative Analysis of miRNA-mRNA and miRNA-miRNA Interations. Li Guo, et al. BioMed Research International, 2014
  • The Role of PinX1 in Growth Control of Breast Cancer Cells and Its Potential Molecular Mechanism by mRNA and lncRNA Expression Profiles Screening. R Shi, et al. BioMed Research International, 2014
  • TF2 LncRNA: Identifying common transcription factors for a list of lncRNA genes from ChIP-Seq data. Q Jiang, et al. BioMed Research International, 2014
  • Expression of transcribed ultraconserved regions of genome in rat cerebral cortex. SL Mehta, et al. Neurochemistry International, 2014
  • Screening of lymph nodes metastasis associated lncRNAs in colorectal cancer patients. J Han, et al. World J Gastroenterol, 2014
  • Long non-coding RNAs expressed in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma and lncRNA BC008363 an independent prognostic factor in PDAC. J Li, et al. Pancreatology, 2014
  • Long noncoding RNA expression in dermal papilla cells contributes to hairy gene regulation. C Lin, et al. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, 2014
  • Expression profiling of long noncoding RNAs and the dynamic changes of lncRNA-NR024118 and Cdkn1c in angiotensin II-treated cardiac fibroblasts. Xiao-Yang Jiang, et al. Int J Clin Exp Pathol, 2014
  • Expression profiling and ontology analysis of long noncoding RNAs in post-ischemic heart and their implied roles in ischemia/reperfusion injury. Liu Y, et al. Gene, 2014
  • Microarray expression profile of long non-coding RNAs in EGFR-TKIs resistance of human non-small cell lung cancer. Cheng NN, et al. Oncology Reports, 2014
  • Differential Expression of Long Noncoding RNAs in Human Cumulus Cells Related to Embryo Developmental Potential: A Microarray Analysis. Reproductive Sciences, 2014
  • Low expression of novel lncRNA RP11-462C24.1 suggests a biomarker of poor prognosis in colorectal cancer. D Shi, et al. Medical Oncology, 2014
  • Microarray expression profile analysis of long non-coding RNAs in human breast cancer: A study of Chinese women. Xu N, et al. Biomedicine &Pharmacotherapy, 2014
  • Genome-wide analysis of long noncoding RNA signature in human colorectal cancer. Xue Y, et al. Gene, 2014
  • Enhanced expression of long non-coding RNA ZXF1 promoted the invasion and metastasis in lung adenocarcinoma. L Zhang, et al. Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy, 2014
  • Differential Expression Profile of Long Non-coding RNAs during Differentiation of Cardiomyocytes. Shasha Zhu, et al. International Journal of Medical Sciences, 2014 
  • Detection of long-chain non-encoding RNA differential expression in non-small lung cancer by microarray-analysis and preliminary verification. Wang Y, et al. Molecular Medicine Reports, 2014
  • Microarray analysis of long non-coding RNA expression in human acute rejection biopsy samples following renal transplantation. W Chen, et al. Molecular Medicine Reports, 2014
  • Use of PET in thyroid malignancies. Rodney hicksANZ Journal of Surgery, 2014
  • Long intergenic non‑coding RNA induced by X‑ray irradiation regulates DNA damage response signaling in the human bronchial epithelial BEAS‑2B cell line. Y Jiao, et al. Oncology Letters, 2014
  • Genome-wide profiling to analyze the effects of Ox-LDL induced THP-1 macrophage-derived foam cells on gene expression. YW Hu, et al. Genomics Data, 2014
  • Gene microarray analysis of the lncRNA expression profile in human urothelial carcinoma of the bladder. H LuoInt J Clin Exp Med, 2014

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