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Customer Puclications of Arraystar T-UCR Arrays Services

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Title Author Journal Year
Comprehensive analyses of T-UCR expression profiles and exploration of the efficacy of uc. 63-and uc. 280+ as biomarkers for lung cancer in Xuanwei, China Liu X, et al.  Pathology-Research and Practice 2020
Long Noncoding RNA uc.173 Promotes Renewal of the Intestinal Mucosa by Inducing Degradation of MicroRNA 195 Xiao L, et al Gastroenterology 2017
Noncoding Transcribed Ultraconserved Region (T-UCR) uc.261 Participates in Intestinal Mucosa Barrier Damage in Crohn's Disease Qian, Xiao Xian inflammatory bowel diseases 2016


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