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Customer Publications of LC-MS Based RNA Modification Analysis Services

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Title Author Journal Year
Loss of tRNA-modifying enzyme Elp3 activates a p53-dependent antitumor checkpoint in hematopoiesis Rosu A, et al.  Journal of Experimental Medicine 2021
Elongator Subunit 3 (Elp3) Is Required for Zebrafish Trunk Development Rojas-Benítez D, et al.  International Journal of Molecular Sciences 2020
Papillary Renal Cell Carcinomas Rewire Glutathione Metabolism and Are Deficient in Both Anabolic Glucose Synthesis and Oxidative Phosphorylation Ahmad A A, et al. Cancers 2019
Elongator and codon bias regulate protein levels in mammalian peripheral neurons Goffena J, et al. Nature Communications 2018


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