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2023 Publications of CircRNA Array Services

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Title Author Journal Year
Exosomal circTUBGCP4 promotes vascular endothelial cell tipping and colorectal cancer metastasis by activating Akt signaling pathway Chen C,et al Journal of Experimental & Clinical Cancer Research 2023
m6A-modified circRNA MYO1C participates in the tumor immune surveillance of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma through m6 A/PD-L1 manner Guan H,et al Cell Death & Disease 2023
circRNA_0067717 promotes paclitaxel resistance in nasopharyngeal carcinoma by acting as a scafold for TRIM41 and p53 Cheng Y,et al Cellular Oncology 2023
A novel circRNA, hsa_circ_0069382, regulates gastric cancer progression Wang H,et al Cancer Cell International 2023
Hsa_circ_0063329 inhibits prostate cancer growth and metastasis by modulating the miR-605-5p/tgif2 axis Lv D,et al Cell Cycle 2023
Hypoxic glioma cell-secreted exosomal circ101491 promotes the progression of glioma by regulating miR-125b-5p/EDN1 Zhang X,et al Brain Research Bulletin 2023
CircSYNDIG1 ameliorates stress-induced abnormal behaviors by suppressing miR-344-5p in mice Wang X,et al Brain Research Bulletin 2023
Suppression of exosomal hsa_circ_0001005 eliminates the Vemurafenib resistance of melanoma Wang X,et al Journal of Cancer Research and Clinical Oncology 2023
Circ VRK1/microRNA-17/PTEN axis modulates the angiogenesis of human brain microvascular endothelial cells to afect injury induced by oxygen-glucose deprivation/ reperfusion Yang L,et al BMC Neuroscience 2023
Comprehensive Analysis of circRNA Expression Profiles in Human Brown Adipose Tissue Sun X,et al Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity 2023


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