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High-Throughput Screening Tool Better Than RNA-seq

Complete service for $599/sample only!

Arraystar LncRNA Array is the best tool for profiling LncRNAs, overcoming the limitation of RNA-seq for low-abundance transcripts.
We offer the complete LncRNA array service, from sample to publishable data!

>>Comprehensive LncRNA collection curated from Refseq, USCS, GENCODE, lincRNA catalogs, lncRNAdb, and landmark publications
Human V4.0:
•7,506 Gold Standard LncRNAs: Well annotated and experimentally studied gegunine LncRNAs
•32,667 Reliable LncRNAs: High confidence LncRNAs extensively derived from public databases, repositories, and publications
Mouse V3.0: 24,881 mRNAs and 35,923 LncRNAs
Rat V2.0: 24,626 mRNAs and 13,611 lncRNAs

>> More sensitive and better technology to profile lncRNA than RNA-seq (Fig.1) learn more>>

>> Systematic and functional lncRNA annotation with our specialized subclassification, and regulatory relationships. learn more>>

>> An invaluable tool for LncRNA research with 400 high impact publications

Fig 1. Less than 10% of LncRNAs may be reliably quantified by 30M RNA-seq.

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nrStar™ Functional LncRNA PCR Array (H/M)
nrStar™ tRNA PCR Array (H/M)
nrStar™ tRF&tiRNA PCR Array (H/M)
nrStar™ snoRNA PCR Array (H)
NuRNA™ mRNA PCR Arrays
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 Epitranscriptomic Array Service New!
 LncRNA Microarray Service
Super-enhancer lncRNA Microarray
 Circular RNA Microarray Service
 Gene Expression Microarray Service
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RNA Sequencing Service
MeRIP-Sequencing Service New!
miRNA Sequencing Service
tRNA Sequencing Service
(h)MeDIP-Sequencing Service with LncRNA Promoter Analysis
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ncRNA PCR Array Service New!
mRNA PCR Array Service
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LC-MS tRNA Modification Analysis Service 

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